Home and Away Swim Meet events will be preselected by your swimmers Coach, please ensure you go over the events with your swimmer and if changes need to be made please contact your swimmers Coach before the Registration Deadline for the Meet. 
If unable to attend, please go into TeamUnify and decline your swimmer by setting declaration to “No, thanks will NOT attend this event” before the Registration Deadline. 
Further instructions for Intro, Intro Comp, Squad 2 and Squad 1 Meet Sign-Up can be found  HERE
**If you do NOT decline the meet you will be charged the entry fee even if you choose not to attend.**
Again if a swimmer does NOT change declaration to "NO" then that swimmer and that parent are responsible to pay for their meet entry. It is assumed that every swimmer will attend every meet unless they declare on TeamUnify that they are not.
If a family chooses not to attend a swim meet due to inclement weather, they need to let their swimmers coach know ASAP so Meet Management can do heat and lane adjustments. Swimmer(s) will still be responsible for Meet Fees as Swim Meets are prepaid by the Club.
If you have any questions regarding the meet, please contact your swimmers coach.
Coach Chris- Intro       [email protected]
Coach Shannon- Intro Comp, Squad 2, & Squad 1   [email protected] 
Thank you,
The Halton Hills Blue Fins