Coaches Corner

May 31, 2021

This past year has been a unique time, and many people have encountered new challenges and struggles. I want everyone, including parents, to know that there is always someone to talk to about your struggles, however big or small.  I also want everyone to know that talking with people about your struggles isn’t a weakness but rather a strength, as it takes much courage to open up and work on our issues. As athletes we spend so much time taking care of our physical selves; with in pool training, dryland training, focus on nutrition and rest/recovery that we often overlook our mental health. 

As Head Coach of HHBF I want everyone to do a self-care check. Let’s look inward and take note of how we’re feeling and what we’re dealing with. Remember to look at what is in your control vs. what is out of your control and try not to carry “bad stress” (I know this is easier said than done).  I also want to make sure everyone has someone to talk with; a friend, a teacher, a parent, a mentor, even a COACH.  

If you don’t feel comfortable with any of those options there are services available with people standing by to listen to your thoughts. Please check out the resource on our website. Always remember, you are a valued member of this TEAM and we want you all to be living your best life, in and out of the pool. 

Chris Henderson

Head Coach

Halton Hills Blue Fins

EAT healthy, SLEEP soundly & OUT TRAIN THEM



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