HUMA 2021 Update

Chris Coleman

Hello HUMA!

HUMA is optimistic about a 2021 season, even though we are currently in a state of wait and unknown. Considering there is no way of knowing what restrictions COVID-19 will bring, registration for a ’21 summer season won’t happen as it has for 35+ years in late January. HUMA is hopeful we can start registration in February, when and if AHS opens its restrictions on pools.
HUMA will move all registration online in order to manage personal contact. Swimmer groups might look a little different when you register in order to meet UofA and AHS rules, but not to worry, as always, our coaches will menage their groups once the swimmers are in the water during the first week of the season.
We appreciate your patience and support through these ambiguous times. HUMA is working hard to navigate the COVID-19 landscape, and we will do everything we can to make 2021 a GREAT season for your HUMA swimmers.