Family Participation Policy

The Haney Seahorses Swim Club is a non-for-profit volunteer organization.   From the Board that governs all club activities, to the many parents who spend their weekends helping run HSSC-hosted meets, we are a club that relies on the involvement of our member families in all facets of the club’s activities.  Committed member volunteers are an integral part of our culture and the foundations of our success.  To ensure HSSC has an adequate number of participants for meets and other activities – and that every member family has access to an adequate number of jobs throughout the year – HSSC has established this Participation Policy.  This policy outlines expectations around annual family volunteer commitments.

HSSC collects FP fees from each family (amount per level is listed on the registration forms). Fees increase in relation to the increased level your swimmer participates in to reflect the increase in volunteering that is required. There are two key needs driving participation in the club:

1. The Club, which is like any business in its functions, is run by volunteers. Like a business, we have a president, vice president, accountant, marketing manager, staff liaison and facilities coordinator. These are all volunteer positions. If there are no volunteers there is no swim club.

2. Hosting a meet is essential to the health of HSSC. Club-run meets not only provide opportunities for HSSC swimmers to compete in front of their home crowd, but also reduce the cost and inconvenience of meet travel. And, crucially, hosting meets allows the club to raise funds that help offset swim fees.

Family Participation (FP) requirements

Each member family (except Masters) is expected to participate in a minimum number of available activities. The majority of points can be earned working at various HSSC hosted meets but it is important to point out that while there are opportunities, there may not be enough to share among all the families in the Club. All participation opportunities – both meet- and non-meet-related – are available on a “first come, first served” basis except serving members of the HSSC Board which is subject to election by club members at the HSSC Annual General Meeting. 

For those reasons, volunteering is taken quite seriously. Failure to meet the minimum volunteer requirements as specified below results in the forfeiture of this fee. PP fee refunds will be calculated twice a year – once at the end of February and once at the end of June.

In order to earn a FP refund for February, parents must participate in the HSSC LMR Swim Meet (a minimum of 2 sessions) plus at least one additional activity listed below. Failure to volunteer at the swim meet will result in no FP refund being issued in February regardless of the activities participated in to that date.

In order to earn an FP refund for June, parents must attend the AGM plus at least one additional activity listed below. Failure to attend the AGM will result in no refund being issued in June regardless of the activities participated in to that date.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • HSSC LMR Swim Meet (min. 2 sessions): $50 refund

  • Attend the AGM: $50 refund

  • Time at a swim meet (not ours): $25 refund

  • Attend an Officials clinic: $50 refund

  • Help with a team fundraiser: $25 refund

  • Help with fall registration: $25 refund

  • Bring a new child into the club that enrolls for 2 months or more: $50 refund

  • Be on the executive: Full FP refund

  • Attend the Annual Kick-Off Pancake Breakfast: $25 refund

  • Other activities brought forward by members that are approved by the Board


    All HSSC parents will be notified VIA E-MAIL when events are posted (usually two weeks in advance). Please ensure you sign up only for jobs you are qualified to fill (i.e. you have completed clinics and received appropriate sign-offs). It is your responsibility to notify the FP Coordinator with the date, times and activities you participated in.

    Note: You can only earn back what you have paid in PP fees

    Record of Participation

    For any Farent Participation activity you must sign in.  Credit for volunteering will only be given to those members who have signed in.  Once you have completed your activity email the Parent Participation Coordinator with the duty you have completed at hsscparentparticipation@gmail.com


    If you have any questions please contact the registrar at: hsscregistrar@gmail.com


Revised 30 Aug 2020