Gold Competitive / Gold Performance

The Gold group is our most competitive training group, with swimmers training to meet regional, provincial and national championship time standards. This group requires a significant commitment to training, with demanding practices and attendance expectations.  Swimmers in this group will have the opportunity to swim in 8-10 sanctioned swim meets throughout the season.

The Gold Performance group has the same requirements as the gold group, with an extra day of practice.  This is for swimmers who want to increase their training to develop quicker and improve their performance.


Age 10+ (at the time of registration) meeting the level requirements



  • Gold: 1.5 to 2 hour swim practices (4 times per week) + 1 dryland
  • Gold Performance: 1.5 to 2 hour swim practices (5 times per week) + 1 dryland


As per Swimming Canada's LTAD plan for progressing into Stage 3 (Learn to Train), it is recommended that swimmers at this level practice at least 4 times per week.


Level Requirement(s)


  • Must be able to read training sets and the pace clock
  • Must be able to competently perform all strokes
  • Must be able to competently perform dives, backstroke starts, flip turns and open turns


Performance Requirement(s)

Must meet at least 2 of the below performance requirements:

  • Can swim a 50m Freestyle under 40 seconds
  • Can swim 4 x 50m Freestyle, holding a 1:00
  • Can swim a 4 x 25 kick choice holding 40 seconds
  • D-Fest time standard in any stroke



  • 80%+ attendance to all training practices


Coaches Selection

As this is our most competitive, club representative group with limited spaces, swimmers meeting the above criteria are not guaranteed a spot in the group.  Similar to other competitive sports with a select or representative competitive group (i.e. hockey, baseball, soccer, etc.), our coaches will select the final roster for the Gold group.

In the event of high demand, the Head Coach and the Gold Group coach, will select swimmers based on:

  • The above level and performance requirements
  • Past training and swim meet attendance
  • Attitude, maturity and work ethic
  • Consideration for best group for the swimmer’s development
  • Overall readiness for the participate in the demanding training


  • The coaches may elect to leave some spots open, so they can promote swimmers from the Silver group mid-season.