The Halifax Trojan Aquatic Club’s training group structure is designed to empower progression over time from grassroot levels to highly experienced, skilled senior groups to Masters swimmers. The integrity and fairness of the structure is key to the success of our swimmers at all levels, today and throughout their swimming pursuits.


Primary Expectations and Group Descriptions:


This group is focused on improving water confidence, swimming fundamentals and having fun! Swimmers have the option of attending two practices per week based on their preferred schedule. A combination of Coach directed, and swimmer self-discovery activities are promoted to enhance individual learning experiences. This pre-competitive grassroots program encourages all swimmers to participate in appropriate Club wide events and to embark on their journey as Trojan athletes.

ASPIRE (1 & 2)

The Aspire program incorporates a vibrant, fun and energetic introduction to competitive swimming. Swimmers have the opportunity to practice up to four times per week focusing on stroke and skill development while learning basic training and competition principles. Club events, initiatives and competitions are promoted and presented to all individuals in this program. Groups 1 & 2 are offered equal training opportunities; however, swimmers are grouped based on overall ability, training and competition experience and technical proficiency. Typically, Aspire 2 swimmers have progressed from the Trojan Skills program and partake in a combination of in-house and entry level SwimNS organized competitions, while Aspire 1 swimmers work towards their attainment of more advanced NovaTech levels and their transition to the Trojan Youth program.


This ‘Learn to Train’ level is centered on a continuation of skill and technical development in a progressive learning and performance environment. Having progressed to this point, swimmers are placed on a pathway that best supports their goals and further development. The Youth program (White & Blue) is multi-stroke and Individual Medley orientated where swimmers between 10-12 years old continue to practice the competitive skills required for racing all events. Approximately 10-12 Province wide competitions provide an important extension of the training program and serve as an integral piece to athlete development. All swimmers are encouraged to participate in Club social events, initiatives and designated competitions. The schedule facilitates between five (Youth White) or six (Youth Blue) weekly practices depending on group designation and training ability.


Junior Trojans transition into the ‘Training to Train’ phase as their next advancement in competitive swimming. A heightened emphasis on maintaining and applying skills, speed, coordination, body awareness and flexibility are major components of this developmental stage. Swimmers that are predominantly 13 – 14 years of age build on their foundations of competition focused techniques (i.e. race starts, pace times, turns, lane-etiquette, competitive goals, etc) in order to help them move forward as confident, independent athletes. Competitive rewards are acquired from continued growth across multiple strokes and distances with an emphasis on the development of aerobic freestyle and Individual Medley events. The Junior White practice schedule consists of five training sessions per week with extended flexibility and allowance for individual external activities and interests. The Junior Blue training schedule incorporates six pool practices and a functional dryland strength and conditional session with Push Fitness instructors. Junior swimmers may be eligible for local, out-of-Province and National initiatives & competitions. Junior Group members are strongly encouraged to participate in Club events and to offer their support for grassroots Team events.


At this stage, athletes enter the later stages of their Trojan swimming careers. These programs are designed for swimmers who are both physically and socially equipped and developed to perform in a variety of training and competitive conditions whilst embracing the demands and challenges of competitive sport. Senior White athletes are encouraged to attend Club events and competitions; however, they have flexibility regarding the commitment level of their individual training and competition schedules. The Senior White schedule consists of four weekday pool practices. Senior Blue athletes are typically qualified at the highest Provincial level and have seven scheduled weekly practices and two swim specific dryland strength and conditioning sessions with Push Fitness instructors. Swimmers in this group are expected to demonstrate their commitment through attendance, work ethic, positive attitude and competition participation as they pursue academic and swimming graduation and frequently transition to an extended varsity swimming career.


The National Development schedule (1 & 2) aligns with the Senior Blue program regarding total training time but overlaps more frequently with the National Group program to facilitate and promote appropriate and required development. National Development swimmers are qualified at the highest Provincial level and focused on National level competitions. Swimmers at this level are typically between 14-17 years of age and engage in a comprehensive pool and dryland training program of ten specific sessions per week. Swimmers at this level demonstrate self-motivation, resilience, work ethic, positive attitude and embrace learning opportunities that come from success and failure. Expectation is that National Group swimmers collectively set HTAC standards inside and outside the pool while perusing individual long-term goals in competitive swimming with a focus on University and National level competition. Process, daily training expectations, collective application, commitment and overall athlete lifestyle are the foundation to their performance driven environment. This program includes a more individualized approach to address swimmers’ strengths and weaknesses. Swimmers will focus on the art of tactical race preparation as well as participating in goal setting, imagery, and recovery methods. The expectation at this level is to attend competitions that may range from Provincial to International stature tailored within a robust program that is focused on peak performance opportunities.


Our Masters program is designed for adult swimmers wishing to continue swimming for fun, fitness or if they choose – competition for life. This is available for swimmers aged 19 or older of all abilities.