Family Commitment

The Halifax Trojan Aquatic Club relies on many volunteers to help support our coaches run a successful swim program.  Like any non-profit organization, volunteers are essential.  From timers and officials at swim meets, to parking lot attendants, chaperoning our travelling swimmers, organizing special events or volunteering at one of our canteens, our engaged volunteers make sure everything runs smoothly for our athletes.   We think there is a role for everyone.

The Trojans recently celebrated our 50th anniversary last year; the success of the Club is thanks in large part to our engaged swimmers and their families. 

The Board of Directors recently approved an enhanced volunteer requirement policy.  You can find this policy (and all team policies) and a list of job descriptions on the team website here.  The purpose of this policy is to encourage each family to volunteer – both on and off the pool deck.  More opportunities will be added throughout the year so there are lots of opportunities to earn your volunteer credits, in a variety of ways, without being too onerous.

Swim Meets

All swim meets hosted by Swim Nova Scotia teams are volunteer driven.  Visit the HTAC website to learn about specific roles and Swimming Canada’s Officials Certification Pathway.    As swim meets are posted to the website a job board will be added so you can indicate your availability. 

In addition to earning volunteer points, there are a few ways to earn credits on your swimmer’s account.

Officiating Credits

Officiating credits are applied to accounts at the end of the season based on the level of certification.  A family can earn the following maximum credit for working at least five (5) sessions throughout the season:

Level 5- $300.00

Level 4- $200.00

Level 3- $100.00

Centennial Parking

Special events parking at Centennial pool is a fundraiser we share with Cygnus Diving Club and Aqua Nova Synchro Club.  Each event requires two adults to serve as parking lot attendants for about two hours.  As an incentive, HTAC volunteers are credited $35.00 per shift to the swimmer’s account.  Watch for notification of events, and to sign up with the Centennial Parking lead.

HTAC Parking Procedure

Arrive approximately 15 minutes before your shift begins.

Block the entrance on Cogswell Street closest to the pool and the entrance near the door to the building. There are orange cones available for this. The office will have them. You will use the entrance near the Dog Park.

One sign is to be placed on the side walk close to where you are. The other sign should be placed at the other entrance to the parking lot of Cogswell St.  There are metal handles on the sides of the signs for easy carrying. These are also at the office.

Tickets, float and reflective vests can be obtained from the Reception desk. Reflective vests must always be worn.

Give each vehicle a ticket and advise that the ticket should be placed on the dash for easy visibility by Parking Security.  If asked, the parking is for the special event at the Metro Centre; 50% of the proceeds go to the pool and the other 50% is divided between the Trojans, Cygnus and Halifax Aqua clubs. If there are 2 events in one day (afternoon and evening), the afternoon patrons will need to obtain a new ticket and pay for the evening event. All cars must be removed in a reasonable amount of time after the event has ended.   There is a security company that regularly patrols this parking lot.  Cars are ‘booted’ if they are illegally parked.

Patrons of the pool do not need to pay for parking.  Patrons with monthly passes still pay for special events unless the event is during the work day.  It’s in their monthly pass contract that special events are not included.  Patrons using the Dog Park do not need to pay for parking.  All patrons can park in any legal spot except for the Dog Park.

At the end of your shift, put the signs back in the lobby.  Return float and reflective vests to the Reception Desk.  Remove the barriers from the driveways.

Count the money and fill out the shift sheet that is with the float, and give to the person at the desk. The desk attendant will add up the money and provide you with a receipt.  Please be sure to take a picture of the receipt and the shift sheet so both can be emailed to the Trojan office at [email protected] and the parking coordinator Monica Rodriguez [email protected].  The shift sheet should include names of both parking volunteers for the shift, as well as the total amount of money collected.  If the front desk person has left, please hold onto the money until the following day.  Lifeguarding staff do not have access to the safe, therefore can not secure the money properly.