What is OnDeck?

OnDeck is a free app included with your membership that lets you see your swimmer's race results and keep track of their best times and progress. Here are some basic instructions to get started:

OnDeck is available through the Apple and Google Play stores.

Swimmer Management - mobile

Signing into OnDeck

When you registered for Halifax Trojans, you setup an account for the website. This is the same account you use to login to OnDeck. If you don't remember your password, please use the password recovery service or contact [email protected]

Managing your account

Changes you make to your account will also be reflected in your HTAC registration. Simply click the Account Details in the menu to view and make changes.

Viewing Race Results

OnDeck race results are available some days after the meet is concluded - not automatically. For real time results, consider Meet Mobile, a paid app which delivers results in real time as they are sanctioned by meet officials. 

Choose Membership from the menu and then your swimmer's name. Choose Best Times to see their personal best results for each event. For current race results, choose Meet Results. 

Viewing Time Standards

Time standards or qualifications are times that must be met to go to that level's competitions. In Nova Scotia, they are AA and AAA. Time standards apply by gender and age. To see how close your swimmer is to a time standard, go to Best Times and click the Time Standard link. Choose the standard you are interested in. Times will now display either NEXT CUT meaning their time is this far away from the standard or MADE CUT: showing how much they have surpassed the standard for their age.