KBM Contact Information

Kingston Blue Marlins
PO Box 26001 Gardiners
Kingston, ON K7M 8W4

Phone 613-484-8635

For general inquiries, email: Executive Director Ken Anderson

Please pay by credit card on our website

Outstanding balances are to be paid within 30 days

Overdue accounts may be subjected to a 4% late penalty fee


Head Coach: Executive Director Ken Anderson

Coach: Carla Ingimundson

Coach: Viki Riha

Coach: Alix Martin

Technical Consultant: Keith Beavers

 Kingston Blue Marlins Board of Directors

President: Cherie Metcalf

Vice-President: James Bain

Treasurer: Brad Joyce

Secretary: Lori Crozier-Wells

Executive Director: Ken Anderson

For questions pertaining to:

Officiating at Meets: Chris Chard and Jay Rayner

Volunteering at Bingo: Jennifer Perry