Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some questions that may help new parents understand whether or not KBM is right for their family. 

Why swimming?

Why choose the Kingston Blue Marlins?

Is my son or daughter ready?

Is it too late for my child to consider competitive swimming?

I'm worried about early mornings and having to do too much volunteer work.


Why Swimming?

Swimming will bring children fitness and enjoyment for decades - it is a true life-long fitness activity. In fact, participants in our Master's swimming programs are still training and racing well into their 80's. Swimming is a great low-impact physical exercise that develops a strong cardiovascular core, builds muscle tone and ensures proportional muscular development as it uses all the body's major muscle groups. That is why it is considered by many experts to be the best workout of all.

Centered around high quality aerobic endurance, (the most important key to physical fitness). It also enhances children's natural flexibility (at a time when they ordinarily begin to lose it) by exercising all their major joints through a full range of motion.

Compared to other sports, competitive swimming is relatively injury free and it tends to attract positive peer groups. Perhaps it is the self-discipline and motivation that is instilled in swimmers, but research (and KBM's experiences) indicates that competitive swimmers generally obtain super grades in school. Competitive swimming yields many benefits - all while getting fit and having fun!

Why KBM?

► We allow swimmers to progress to their own level of excellence.

► We keep swimmers interested and improving well past their teenage years and into university athletics.

► We cultivate a positive mental attitude, high self-esteem and healthy fitness levels.

► We consistently qualify athletes for regional, provincial and national competitions.

Is my son or daughter ready?

Swimmers can start in our program when they are able to:

1) complete 25m on their front with some form of freestyle or front crawl, 
2) complete 25m on their back with some form of back stroke, and
3) kick on a kickboard

Arrange an assessment by contacting our Mini Marlins Coordinator at [email protected]

Swimmers will spend the first 20-25 minutes in the water while parents meet with the head coach and then swimmers/parents will be advised of which group is best.  

Swimmers who are are just completing a few lengths will probably be placed in our MiniMarlin or MiniMarlin Plus program.

Swimmers under 12 who are at the upper levels of the Red Cross programs may be more suited to our Junior Development program which runs three times a week.  

Swimmers under 12 who have finished their lessons and are ready for a challenge may be placed in our Junior program

Detailed group descriptions, training times and costs can be found here.

All new swimmers are asked to take part in the pre-screening to ensure proper placement.

Is it too late for my child to consider competitive swimming?

Swimmers 12 and over who can swim but have not done so competitively can get started in our Introductory & Fitness Programs. They will be taught the basics of competitive swimming, and as they get in the best shape of their lives, will soon have an idea if swimming is the sport for them.

I'm worried about early mornings and having to do too much volunteer work.

If your swimmer is just starting, it will be a couple of years at least until they enter the world of 6:00 am swim practices. Only our 13 and overs go to early morning swims and typically it is a couple of years later that they are doing more than one morning swim a week. Many swimmers welcome them though as they have an opportunity for some evenings "off".

Volunteers are required to make the club run smoothly and while your volunteer commitment can be bought out, the opportunity to be engaged in what your child is doing can be very rewarding.  While we welcome your help, our commitment requirement isn't until swimmers are at the Junior Development level. 

For more information about volunteering, click here.


Please do not hesitate to contact our Executive Director / Head Coach Ken Anderson with any questions:
[email protected] or 613-484-8635.

You can book a screening with Coach Alix by emailing [email protected]