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Program Fees & Payment Options/Schedule

Governing Body Fees

Swim Meet Entry Fees

Late Payment Fee

Volunteer Commitment Fee


If you need further information about fees, payments, and refunds, than found on this page, please address your questions to our Treasurer, Cara Chesney

Program Fees & Payment Options/Schedule

Please note, KBM only accepts credit card payments  

New this year, fees will be paid in multiple installments as indicated in the chart below. 20% due at registration and the remaining is charged to your card on the first of each month.  The governing body fees (nonrefundable) will be paid on your behalf and charged to your account on November 1. 


Governing Body Fees

The governing body fees are paid to the regulatory bodies (i.e. Swim Ontario and Swimming Canada) for competitive swimming.  These fees are not refundable. The Governing Body Fee will be invoiced on November 1.



Swim Meet Entry Fees

Approximately $12-$15 per race + meet surcharge* 

You can expect to pay Meet Entry Fees and a meet surcharge for any competition your swimmer is entered into during the course of the year.  As a competitive swim team, all competitive swimmers are expected to register for meets during the season. The purpose of this is to develop an understanding of the competitive environment and foster a team atmosphere. These fees will get invoiced to your KBM account anytime within 0-8 weeks after the meet. These fees are not refundable unless a swimmer withdraws well in advance of the meet date.  Unfortunately, even if your swimmer is sick or otherwise is unable to swim their races at the meet, these fees are still charged to you.

*This surcharge helps cover the cost of any relay fees and coach's travel expenses. No charge for home meets, $10 for 1 day meets, $25 for multiday meets and $50 for those greater than $500km away.   

Late Payment Fee

Payments of other fees and charges are due within one month; overdue accounts may be subjected to a 4% late penalty fee, that will continue to be levied each month until the overdue amounts are paid.

Volunteer Commitment Fee (May be waived as below)

In order for our meets to run effectively and therefore be successful, we need the ongoing support of our families on meet days.  KBM has adopted a minimum participation policy for the Main Competitive Program swimmer families (as is common practice with other teams) to ensure that we have the help we need each swim season. Therefore, as part of your registration, you will be required to agree to have at least one parent/guardian reach the minimum officating level noted below, as well as meet the commitment to volunteer to officate at KBM meet sessions.  Failure to meet these obligations will incur the fees as noted.

The table indicates how many sessions (typically ½ of a competition meet day) you must volunteer for and the level of officiating required.  Below are the number of sessions that are typically available at our KBM hosted swim meets to provide opportunities for families to fulfill their volunteer commitment:

Oct 2022 Pentathlon Meet - 1 session
Dec 2022 Distance & Development Meet - 3 sessions
Feb 2023 SC Heats and Finals Finale - 6 sessions
May 2023 Last Chance Qualifier Meet - 4 sessions

Please note: Families who would prefer to buy out their yearly volunteer commitment may do so before the end of October at 75% of the total (Level + Session requirement.)  To do so please contact our treasurer at [email protected].  In order to ensure we have the volunteers required to run a successful meet KBM reserves the right to limit buyouts on a first come first serve basis.


This year, to keep things simple, all families are on the same payment plan with 20% of the fees required with registration, then Oct 1 (15%,) Nov 1 (10% - governing body fee will also be charged that month), Dec 1 (15%) and then 10% of the fees on the first of Jan, Feb, March and April.  If swimmers wish to withdraw from the program we ask to be given 5 business days' notice before the next payment is due.  
Refunds are only available for KBM registration fees and will be approved by the Board only in exceptional circumstances. Governing body fees, swim meet fees, etc are nonrefundable. While charged monthly, the amounts are not monthly fees, and as such memberships cannot be put on hold during the year. The later someone leaves in the season, the more difficult it will be to replace them and help cover our costs as the majority of these costs are fixed at the start of the season.  We appreciate your understanding of this policy.