2022-2023 Season Registration Process

 - active Aug 9 if all goes well

Note for New Swimmers

Contact us at [email protected] to request a free assessment that will determine the appropriate placement of your swimmer. 
A coach will then contact you to set this up and upon successful completion, we will notify you that you can start the Registration process below.

Returning Swimmers and New Swimmers that have completed their assessment:

1. Review Fees

Refer to Fees & Payments to see options and to review fees, the payment schedule and our refund policy.  Also, click here (opens in new window) to review the program offerings.  If helpful, keep those webpages open or print them off to have for easy reference during the Online Registration process.

2. Start Online Registration

Click on Swimmer Online Registration button on the homepage and follow the prompts.

Online Registration Process:

  1. Confirm all your information:
    - Billing info
    - Parents/Guardian info
    - Emergency Contact info
  2. Select for each swimmer:
    - name, birthday, clothing sizes, physician info, medical notes, payment terms (refer to your Fees & Payments at this point), swim group
  3. Read and accept the waivers, consents and agreements.  If you disagree with any of those, DO NOT PROCEED and please contact the [email protected].
  4. Review total amount and make payment by Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard)
    Your first payment will be 20% of your annual fees and any outstanding balance on your account
  5.  Register with Swimming Canada 

Once we confirm payment and proper info, your swimmer will have their status on the KBM website changed from "Waiting for approval" to “Active”.

Once active, you will receive further directions on how to register your swimmer(s) with Swimming Canada. This registers your swimmer with the appropriate governing bodies, makes them eligible for insurance coverage and entry into competitions.