Covid-19 Protocols:

  • Master swimmers will need to show a proof of vaccination.  KCS will have a coach waiting at the side club entrance to see your verification.
  • All swimmers and coaches need to wear masks on deck and maintain social distancing while out of the water.
  • Movement around the facility is restricted to our training areas only. No access to Hot tub or Leisure pool. 
  • Please meet in the mezzanine area before workouts. Staff will call you down to the pool once it is clear.
  • If swimmers are showing/feeling any of the COVID symptoms, please stay home until they/you’re feeling better.
  • Spectators are still not allowed in the facility during our workouts. 
  • Entry to the facility will still happen upstairs through the side entrance for clubs. 
  • Change room protocols. Only one swimmer per change stall, unless they are siblings.




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