February 2020 Swimmers of the Month

Kent Aitchison


Congratulations to our Swimmers of the Month!

Novice – Keegan G

Swimmer of the month for the novice group goes to Keegan G. Keegan has always come to practice with a smile and is always looking forward for what he may learn in the pool. Keegan is an excellent student to have he always like to double and triple check to ensure that he and other swimmers understand what is happening throughout the practice. Keegan always comes prepared to train and is always early to the pool. Keegan is an excellent role model and athlete in our group and we are glad to have him help lead the way to success. 

Junior – Allison R

JR Swimmer of the Month for February goes to Allison Ring. Allison has improved a ton this year – in all four strokes! She no longer only loves breaststroke and has totally changed her approach to swim practices. She got under 4:00 in the 200m IM for the first time, way to go!

AG1 – Zahra A

Swimmer of the month for AG1 goes to Zahra A. Zarha has done an excellent job during the challenging practices in February. Zahra also competed in the Williams lake blue fins swim meet and placed first overall in points for her age category. During practice, Zahra has always faced challenges head on and always tries her best to improve on skills that we are always working on. Zahra is always willing to help someone out if they forgot their equipment or if they need help knowing what the pace times are. Zahra is an excellent teammate for our group and continually shows she wants to improve. 

SwimX - Janelle

Swimmer of the month for SwimFit/X is Janelle P. Janelle is a wonderful athlete to have in our group she always has a positive attitude for whatever we are doing during practice as well as is excellent in helping others in the group understand new skills that we may be working on. Janelle is always willing to lead in any situation if it’s during a challenging set or leading our dryland warm up Janelle will always try her best to improve herself and help others when needed. 

AG2 – Sarah T

AG2 Swimmer of the Month for February goes to Sarah Tulloch. After transitioning from summer swimming last year, she is really finding a groove in her training and racing lately! She’s been leading some of the lanes, knowing her times in practice and setting long-term goals for various meets. Way to go Sarah!

Senior – Max A

The Senior Swimmer of the Month Award goes to Max A.  Max had 88% attendance during February and 100% of his races this month were within our target of 97% of his personal best times.

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