2020-2021 Registration Update

KCS Admin

Hello New/Returning Swim Families!


We are so happy to be able to welcome everyone back to the pool! It has been a challenging time for everyone, but hopefully we are all ready for the new normal. Going forward we will continue to make the safety of our staff and members the priority and hope that our swim community will work with us to make sure we stay on the right side of the COVID curve. The following is our 2020-2021 season start-up package for current members…

Training Schedules:

We are pleased to let everyone know that we have secured lane space for all our training groups! It has been a significant logistical task to plan this considering the limited pool space in the City and COVID-19  swimmer density constraints. As we roll this out in early September, we ask for your patience and flexibility as it may be necessary to shuffle swimmers between roster groups so that we can get as many kids training as possible.  

Where will training take place? Training will shift locations for many roster groups. Many will train at the Brock Pool until after Thanksgiving and then switch to Westsyde pool until the Canada Games Pool opens at the end of November. Others will train exclusively at the YMCA or Westsyde pool until the CGP re-opens. Please check the details on your rosters’ training schedule page in this document.

Will training times be the same as they have been at the CGP? Unfortunately training times will differ. While we have tried to be as close to our traditional training times/volumes as possible, we have had to make adjustments.

What if we can’t get to that training location? We recognize that some of the after-school timelines are tight, but there are no other options for pool times, so we will have to do our best with what we have.

Is there enough space for everyone? During this time of limited pool availability & physical distancing, there may be instances where we are short lane space if all swimmers show up at once. We are trying to come up with a solution for this.

NEW this season! Group training/meet calendars have been uploaded to Google Calendar. To add the calendar (with location details) to your personal calendar, click on the + Google Calendar logo in the bottom right of the calendar.

**Be sure to add email notifications so when practice times or events are added, changed or deleted, you will be notified. (Coaches will be making small changes as we go so it is important to do this). To print out practices with end times, pls use the agenda format.

How to set notifications: Once you connect to the calendar, in your google calendars click on the three dots next to the calendar name on the left margin of your screen. In Settings, scroll down to “Notifications”, select “Email” notifications from the drop-down menus for New, Changed & Canceled events.



After careful consideration the KCS Board of Directors has made the decision to keep training fees at the 2019-2020 rates. However, due to the constantly changing landscape of COVID-19, payment options will be reduced to a single monthly installment plan. We will not be offering the full season payment option with the 5% discount. The full season training costs (Sept-June) will be divided into 9 equal installments, the first payable at registration and the remainder to be invoiced Oct 1 2020– May 1 2021. SwimBC insurance/membership will be due at registration. Families with multiple swimmers will continue to receive the multi-swimmer discount.



The KCS registration system will open August 30, 2020 at noon for current members. To ensure that we have enough space for our existing swimmers, registration for new members will open on September 8th. If you are a current member, please ensure that you have completed registration before September 8th, to avoid missing out!

**please check the roster listing below and register your swimmer in that group. Please contact the office if your swimmer is not on the list and you swam last season.


**Beginning August 29th, all current swimmer accounts will be switched to “Pending” and you will not have access to your account until you have completed registration. Thus to register you will have to either follow the link above or the link at the top left of the home page at www.swimkamloops.com. The system will prompt you to login once you have started the registration process.


Please note that there are a couple of additional waivers required that are COVID-related. We will ask parents/guardians to accept the ViaSport Return to Play Acknowledgement and will ask that after you have completed your online registration, you proceed via the Swimming Canada link in the follow up email and complete their Acknowledgement and Acceptance of Risks Waiver. Please note that this waiver is separate from our KCS liability waiver.


New Parent Meeting:

  • Save the Date! New parents should expect to attend the New Parent Meeting September 30th, 2020 at 7pm. Online meeting login information will be posted prior to the date on our events page.

Annual General Meeting:

  • Save the Date! Our Annual General Meeting will be held on September 22nd at 7pm at the TCC. We will have a limited number of in-person attendee spots to sign up for  (24 attendee limit), so sign up asap! We will also live stream on GOTOMEETING so others can participate online (login info will be posted on AGM event listing).

Board Membership

  • As our new season is upon us, we would like to send a big THANK YOU to our outgoing Board members!
    • Mel McRae – Director at Large 2018-2020
    • Krystal Pearson – stick handled fundraising for the 2019-2020 season
    • Jordan Frier -Director at Large 2019-2020
    • Lisa Gysel –will be reducing her role to Director-at-Large after numerous years as our fearless Vice-President
    • Jodeen Cassidy – will be reducing her role to Director-at-Large after great work as Secretary for the past 3 seasons.
  • NEW POSITIONS AVAILABLE! Due to some departures we are looking for some new directors to fill vacated board positions. You can stand for election as a Director-at-large or give a little more time and help out with one of our open board positions. (Fundraising chair, Team Spirit committee, Board Secretary, Vice President)
    • You don’t have to be an expert swim parent to get involved, we love having representation from all roster groups! If you would like to stand for nomination to the 2020-2021 KCS Board of Directors please email our President, Chris Cameron.


Pool COVID-19 Protocols:

  • Dr. Chris Prelypchan continues to function as our COVID-19 Safety Officer, guiding program decisions to limit risk to our staff and swimmers.
  • Considering the July/August training that took place, many families are now familiar with the COVID-19 safety protocols at Brock Pool. We will now be training at other facilities where there may be different protocols in place. An information sheet will be circulated prior to the start of training so all members can orient themselves to the different rules at each of our 4 host pools this season.
  • Online Health/Wellness Survey requirement: Please note that we continue to require that the daily KCS Health/Wellness Survey be completed prior to leaving home for practice each day. It is important that if your swimmer(s) is experiencing any of these symptoms that seem out of the ordinary, we would ask that you not attend practice until the symptoms clear. This is an important layer of protection for our members and staff in addition to the social distancing requirements during practice. Health Surveys for each roster group are located at the top of the homepage (www.swimkamloops.com)
  • Members are welcome to review our Workplace Safety & Return to Swimming document to orient themselves to how we are working to keep our swimmers and staff safe.


Competitive Program Update

Roster Group assignments:

Coaches have grouped swimmers into their respective roster groups based on a number of criteria. Training groups may, however be slightly different from roster groups for a small group of swimmers, as was the case in the summer. While we have a good idea of how the training groups will be organized, we are waiting to see if the ViaSport move to Phase 3 a few days ago will result in increased lane density allowances. This move would keep things simpler for us.  We will keep you updated as things unfold over the next few days.

Coach assignments may be different until the Canada Games pool reopens due to scheduling conflicts arising from programming at multiple locations.

Lead Roster parents:

We are looking for 1-2 parents from each roster group to help with any spirit days or roster teambuilding events, when and if those events become a possibility. If you are interested or would like to find out more please email Karyn in the office.

Dryland Program:

There will be no dryland training for any groups except perhaps the Seniors before Jan 1. Members will be notified if or when this activity is approved by the City.


We do not currently have any approved inter-club competitions on our schedule for this season. However, we are hoping to do some informal racing within the competitive groups of the Club to keep our swimmers’ sharp. This will require some limited volunteering from the membership but it will be limited to a few hand timers, stroke and turn and referees.

The following intra-club meets have been planned for the fall

  • KCS Club Challenge Meet #1 – October 16/17 at Westsyde Pool
  • KCS Club Challenge Meet #2 – Nov 20/21 at Westsyde Pool

2020-2021 Volunteer Commitment:

  • Considering COVID-19 protocols, it is doubtful that we will get clearance for any larger scale meets in the near future. We are therefore suspending our volunteer commitment requirement for the 2020-2021 season with the hope that the membership will fill in for small-scale meets volunteering when needed.

Respect in Sport:

  • The Respect in Sport -Sport Parent certification will continue to be required by the Club. Parents must have taken the course within the last 5 yrs. If you have taken your course through our club we have your certification #, if you have completed it elsewhere and have not forwarded us your certification # then we will need to see that from you.
    • Parents that have not yet taken the course will be required to login via our website, visit the Respect in Sport page under our Club Resources section, and complete the program. Respect in Sport Link . The cost of the program will be $13. This year it will be directly payable to RIS, rather than included in the cost of your registration.
    • Deadline to complete this program is October 31, 2020.

Swim Gear & Apparel:

  • It is unconfirmed whether we will be ordering Team shirts this year but please ensure you have your shirt size in just in case.  Caps and goggles – TBD
  • Other training gear needed for each roster group is listed on those roster pages
  • KCS masks are available thru our online store at UrSport. See parent resource pages. 


Recreational Program Update

We are excited about how this program has grown over the past year! We are hoping that we will be able to deliver an equally great program this season, although it may look a little different for awhile. Due to a scheduling conflict, the first part of the year will be coached by our head coach, Brad Dalke. Training times and locations are tentative at this time until we see how many swimmers we have. Please be patient and we will forward concrete times closer to our start date. We are hopeful that the schedules will return to normal once we get back to the Canada Games Pool and Coach Nolan can get back to training this fun group. Due to popular demand, we have decided to expand this program to include training into early June! Please see the attached Training and Fees Schedule for more details…



 Master’s Program Update

We are excited to welcome our Masters’ back to the pool after 6 months away! Although training times and locations will change for the next 3 months, this group will continue to be coached by Kent Aitchison. Please see the attached Training and Fees Schedules for more details…