Welcome Back Letter from our President

KCS Admin

Welcome Back!

We are all excited to have our fall training schedule in place and our swimmers back in the water.  We are also thankful to have our great complement of Coaches back on staff. A big thank you to the City of Kamloops and especially our staff, specifically Brad and Karyn for all their efforts ensuring we have a safe environment and water to swim in.  You will notice that we had a staggered registration process this year to give our returning swimmers the first opportunity to access our limited space for September and to secure their space thru out the fall.  We look forward to TCC reopening which should allow us improved access to water space…COVID willing.

We are aware that parents are making big efforts for the months of September, October and hopefully not much of November as we utilize the YMCA, Brock and Westsyde pools to train.  We would remind swimmers that the daily Health Check-In is mandatory, and our coaches will not let swimmers enter the water without it being complete.  We would like to thank everyone for being compliant with these and for making an effort to not use the change rooms.  We have had positive feedback from the City of Kamloops for our good behaviour.

Significant dates:

PitStop Dinner: September 20th. opportunity for our swimmers to give back to our generous Kamloops community and good club comradery.

AGM: September 22 in person sign-up on website and a link for attending virtually will be sent out.  We are needing volunteers and those that are willing to join our Board of Directors. Vacant positions include Vice President, Chair of Fundraising and Team Spirit Committee Chair.  We would encourage parents from Novice, Junior, SwimX/SwimFit to please come join as we desperately need your involvement to ensure the club is relevant and responsive to all swimmers but especially with those groups.  Please let me know if you are interested and I would be happy to talk to you. My contact is [email protected] or Cell 778-220-4317

New Parent Orientation watch for date to be announced shortly

Areas of Interest/Concern:


We appreciate that this is occurring and may seem like a requirement to get our swimmers to practice but we are also aware of the risks associated with carpooling in this COVID environment. We would ask that the guidance from the BCCDC be reviewed (under School/Daycare and Workplaces headline) and masks be considered.  Please be smart along with gathering before and after swim practices



If in fact the virus is not enough, we are now dealing with air quality issues. We have developed a KCS Air Aware Document.  Outdoor swim practices will be cancelled if the air quality index exceeds 7 on the BC Air Quality Health Index.  This may impact SwimSkill lessons, SwimX/SwimFit, Masters and our Seniors groups.  Communication will be sent out by 1:30pm if practices are going to be affected.

Volunteer Policy:

Currently with no fixed dates for swim meets…hopefully coming soon, our volunteer requirements have been suspended and are currently being reviewed.  The recording and reporting of all are volunteer hours helps us secure our Gaming Grant so please ensure we continue to support our club as opportunities present themselves.


Thank you again for being part of a great club and we appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we navigate smoke, pool closures and COVID.  We are confident we are going to still have a great year of swimming.

On Behalf of the KCS Board of Directors,

Chris Cameron

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