Swimmers spend Sunday at the Pit Stop

KCS Admin

What a rewarding way to spend a Sunday!

On Sunday, September 21, 18 KCS swimmers and parents spent most of the day at the United Church's Pit Stop. 

During the 4-5 hours that they were there they put together 224 meals for their community and passed out over 192 meals, had pre-arranged pick ups for 14 more and still had a few bags to take to Crossroads.

A sincere thank you to our coordinator, Rachel Jones and Rick at the Pit Stop for organizing this group. To everyone that participated, THANK YOU!

Also a special shout out to John McCurrach, one of our swim parents, that paid 100% of Sundays meal. 

We are so happy to have been able to contribute to our community! 

More pictures are available on the Pit Stop, Kamloops Facebook page. 


More photos: