January Update

KCS Admin

Happy New Years Eve everyone!

It is unfortunate that we can’t be together with our extended family and friends on this special evening but we are wishing everyone a great New Years and crossing our fingers for a much better 2021! Considering the great news that we will be back in the Canada Games Pool beginning Monday, we would like to update everyone on a few things.

Facility Update:

We have been notified that the Canada Games Pool will be ready for us to begin training in on Monday, January 4th. There are new protocols in place considering the new changes at the pool. The main things to pay attention to is the new entrance on the upper mezzanine of the Canada Games Pool and the new Universal change rooms. Please see the attached flow chart of the Canada Games pool for Aquatic Club use.

They are as follows:

  1. Swimmers will enter the pool from the newly added entrance foyer at the top entrance by the bleachers. Swimmers will arrive no earlier than 10min prior to the start of practice and wait in this foyer with masks on and social distancing. There will be a staff member there to check swimmers in and coaches will come get swimmers when they are ready.


  1. Parents are not permitted to enter the pool or attend practice due to COVID safety protocols.


Please review the following City guidelines for safe use of the Canada Games Pool/ Tournament Capital Change rooms.


Public Change Room Use

The universal change rooms are open for use by swimmers. The Regional Health Authority

Guideline for Reopening Pools recommends showering before and after using the pool in

addition to washing hands regularly with warm water and soap.

1. Physical distancing procedures are in effect for the universal change rooms.

2. Maintain 2m/ 6ft of physical distance at all times.

3. Sign will be posted at entrance explaining directions for use of both change rooms. Change

rooms will be cleaned every 2 hours.

4. Do not stop or linger in narrow hallways.

5. Allow others to pass before entering.

6. Showers are required prior to entering the pool, when using pool entrance showers please

use designated showers only

  • Please note if you have a young swimmer (6-7 yrs) that is not comfortable using the change rooms on their own, a staff person will escort them to the change room and stay until they are ready to go on the pool deck. The change area is now a unisex change room however there are individual stalls.

Designated Washrooms on the Pool Deck

Each training group will have a designated washroom for their use during practice.

Separated Pool Deck during SCM Training

Please note that swimmers and staff have designated use of the shallow or deep end of the pool when the bulkhead is in place. Each roster group of swimmers/coaches will be expected to enter their designated area using either the south end stairs of the upper mezzanine for the shallow end or the north end stairs of the upper mezzanine for the deep end. Staff and swimmers are expected to stay at separate ends before, during and after training and not to cross the line of the bulkhead. (see attached facility flow chart)


Training Location & Schedules

To clarify....

Effective Monday, January 4th, ALL training will take place at the Canada Games Pool

Regarding training schedules. In many cases we will not be following the traditional Canada Games Pool schedules because we are still facing numerous lane and facility density limits. Coach Brad has done his best to arrange training groups as close as possible to the traditional schedule. 

Please follow the google calendars on the schedule page HERE for the most up-to-date information.

COVID Updates

As a means of keeping our swim community healthy, we continue to ask for swim families to respect Provincial Health Orders away from the pool.

If you chose not to respect the no-travel order, we will require that those families stay away from the pool and practice for 7 days upon return if they left the Province and 5 days if they left town. Coming back to practice prematurely in this situation can lead to dire consequences for our coaching staff and other swim families. We ask that you respect this requirement. (as per KCS COVID Cmt decision)

We continue to ask that swimmers complete their daily check in online and wear a mask that covers both their nose and mouth at all times when not in the water. We also ask that swimmers pay special attention to their social distancing, this will be reinforced by staff throughout the practice time.

Masters Swimming

Unfortunately, Master’s Swimming continues to be cancelled due to COVID restrictions. Hopefully this will change in the near future, but until then monthly training fees have been suspended.


Upcoming Certification Courses:

As always we encourage our swimmers to get their teaching/lifeguarding certifications for our First Jobs Program. If you’d like to learn more about this program CLICK HERE and log in to see the details.

Here are the new courses offered by the City of Kamloops:
Click HERE for all courses


Bronze Cross & Medallion Courses:

Bronze Cross

 Age: 13 to 65

3 spot(s) left



Every Sat, Sun


12:00pm - 6:00pm


Jan 30th - Feb 7th

Bronze Medallion

 Age: 13 to 65

3 spot(s) left



Every Sat, Sun


12:00pm - 6:00pm


Jan 16th - Jan 24th


Water Safety Instructors Courses:

Water Safety Instructor - Module 1

 Age: 15 to 65

5 spot(s) left





2:00pm - 6:00pm


Jan 3rd


Water Safety Instructor - Module 2

 Age: 15 to 65

5 spot(s) left





2:00pm - 6:00pm


Jan 10th


Water Safety Instructor - Module 3

 Age: 15 to 65

5 spot(s) left



Every Sun


11:00am - 6:00pm


Feb 21st - Mar 14th


Hope everyone has a memorable New Years and we look forward to seeing everyone in the coming days.

Best wishes,

Karyn Sutherland