KCS Classic Cup Team Challenge Update

KCS Admin

Hello Everyone!

We are well on our way with the Challenge Cup that started last week! We wanted to provide some details as to how the kids are earning points for their cross-roster teams. Mostly so parents are aware of why their swimmers are hounding them to go to practice ;) .


  • "Friday Night Races" Attendance: 10 Points*
    • *Novice/Swim-X Coach will ensure races or challenges are done within each week in the case Fridays are not scheduled
  • Best Time @ Friday Night Races: 10 Points/event (Maximum 20 Points Per Friday)**
    • **Senior Swimmers with Westerns Time Standards or above will earn 10 Points for 95% of their best time (event by event, Coach Brad discretion)
  • Monthly Attendance: All swimmers that hit 80% or higher for their monthly attendance total will earn 50 Points for their team per eligible month.

  • Pending restrictions - bonus team points/challenges will be available depending on what the coaches and social committee can dream up!

The kids will be able to watch their points accumulate in "almost" real time with the 

help of this large Brag Board that the Spirit Committee has put together. The Brag Board will be located on the pool deck so all swimmers can follow their teams' progress! (we will update parents as well via TU TeamFeed periodically) Each teams' members photos will be posted to the board to encourage the kids to get-to-know one another resulting in a stronger overall KCS team. Coloured team shirts will also be arriving shortly for the swimmers!

A huge thank you to Julie Cinel, Alex Armstrong and all the KCS coaches for doing all the behind the scenes work to make this a success and fun for the kids!



Here is the Spirit Committees' Brag Board. They are in the process of adding all the kids photos. 

There are approximately 33 swimmers per group.