February Swimmers of the Month

Kent Aitchison


The Novice swimmer of the month is Mason. Mason gives his best effort every practice and is always trying to improve all his swim strokes. Mason always comes to practice with determination, a positive attitude, and a smile. 


February swimmer of the month for Junior 1 is Sienna M. Sienna has done an amazing job last month improving her practice skills: understanding our pace times and helping others understand what is next in our sets. Last month Sienna also did an excellent job on our Friday racing by improving her best times immensely! Great work Sienna!


February’s Swimmer of the Month for Junior 2 is Katie P. Katie has continued to do an excellent job around the pool by always bringing a positive attitude to our practices and always helping others understand the set and helping them perfect the drills. Katie is also an excellent role model in our group and always cheers her teammates on Friday races. She loves facing our harder practices with a great attitude! 


Allison Ring is February’s Swimmer of the Month. Allison has improved a lot this year in all four strokes. She has really stepped up her “student of the sport” level and has really embraced how good training habits can make swimming more fun – and more fast! At the end of the month, she volunteered herself (without coach pressure) to do 200 Fly at one of our Friday Night Races! That really exemplified Allison’s recent toughness upgrades!! Way to go!


Dylan S is February’s Swimmer of the Month for AG2. Dylan seems to enjoy our winter format – prepping each week for Friday night racing! He pays attention to a few of the small things we work on during the week, and really brings it on Friday night! The row of “green” best times in Coach Kent’s Spreadsheet by Dylan’s name showcases that! He was really excited when he dropped a crazy fast 50 FR time a few weeks ago! Well done!


The Senior Swimmer of the Month Award goes to Sunelle Brink. Sunelle has had 90% attendance this month (Including weights). Sunelle has continued her great training from the fall and it’s really showed on the Friday night Race Nights.  Well Done!


Swim-X Swimmer of the Month for February is Aleah F. Aleah has just started swimming with us and she has been doing great. Within the month, Aleah has learned all 4 strokes and has started to our understand pace times. Aleah always comes to the pool with a great attitude and is always helping her lane-mates understand what we are doing next! Keep up the great work!