Membership Bulletin: Covid-19 Travel Policy Update

Tara Doern

Happy Tuesday Everyone,

It is so great to read the news each day about our Kamloops friends and families receiving their vaccinations and adding another layer of protection against covid-19.

However, as this wave of better news washes over our community, there is still a strong undercurrent of risk with the spread of a host of new, highly transmittable variants.

With that in mind, we want to remind our swim families to continue to be diligent about limiting risk and taking precautions such as masking up, social distancing and hand washing.

There are a couple of areas of concern at this time that we would like to address:

  • Travel: Current PHO orders direct that no one should be leaving their communities for non-essential travel at this time.

If you choose to travel in light of this direction, we require that you follow our travel guidelines to limit the opportunities for viral transmission.

  • Outside of the Interior Health Region we require that you suspend training for a period of 5 days after return.
  • Outside of the Province: we require that you suspend training for a period of 7 days after return.
  • Sharing of change rooms: this continues to be a concern with some rosters. We haven’t seen it, but there is some chatter. Please have another conversation with your swimmers about not sharing change rooms. Reminder that there is zero tolerance for sharing change rooms with anyone outside of your household.


We will continue to work within the Provincial Health Orders and viaSport Return to Swimming guidelines to make sure that our kids can have the opportunity to swim in a safe and fun environment.

We really appreciate the efforts of everyone thus far. We are only a few months out from the end of the season, lets keep each other safe!


Karyn on behalf of the KCS Covid-19 Committee