March 2020 Swimmers of the Month

Kent Aitchison


The Novice swimmer of the month is William. Willam always brings lots of energy to practice, occasionally singing during kick sets. William has consistently achieved best times during Friday night racing and always enthusiastically cheers on team mates. In addition, to being an awesome team mate Will has worked hard to improve his swim strokes! Congratulations! 


March swimmer of the month for junior 1 is Torrun M. Torrun has improved immensely this past month in his swimming and he has done a great job understanding the set on the whiteboard and memorizing what we are doing. He is always asking questions to improve his technique and is helping others in his lane understanding what we are doing. Torrun also had over 90% attendance for March. Great work!


Last months swimmer of the month for junior is Zach. R. Zach has continued to do an excellent job around the pool by always bringing a positive attitude to our practices and always pushing himself to perfect the drills and work on getting his individual medley race time below the 4 minute mark. Zach is also an excellent roll model in our group by understanding the set and our pace times. Zach continues to improve his swimming. Great work Zach!


Oliver T is AG1’s Swimmer of the Month. Oliver is literally the first person on the pool deck every afternoon. I think he even beats the lifeguards! He has a new “pre-practice” pull-up routine and is fully ready to go when it’s 3:15. Oliver is a very encouraging teammate – he knows everyone’s name, is friendly to everyone and keeps people organized during sets. 90% Attendance in March has paid off for Oliver as he’s contributed many points to his team’s scores with attendance and best times!


Zahra A is AG2’s Swimmer of the Month. People better watch out when swim meets eventually resume! Zahra has been getting crazy fast lately! She works very hard in all types of sets and has seen noticeable improvements in all of her strokes. Her coach is quite excited about how often she does a great job with underwater work too! Zahra got her first Swim BC “Divisional Time” last month – way to go!


The Senior Swimmer of the Month Award goes to Sienna Angove. Sienna has had 100% attendance this month (Including weights). Sienna has picked up her training from the fall and it’s really showed on the Friday night Race Nights.  Well Done!


Swim x/fit swimmer of the month for March is Ethan C. Ethan has just started swimming with us and he has been doing an amazing job at it. Within the month Ethan has learned all 4 strokes and has done an amazing job to continually improve on them! Ethan always comes to the pool with a great attitude and is always willing to try new drills and techniques to improve on his swimming Keep up the great work Ethan!