April 2021 Swimmers of the Month

Kent Aitchison


The novice swimmer of the month is Hannah. Hannah has been working hard on her streamlines and flip turns and it shows! Hannah always comes to practice with a positive attitude ready to swim and have fun.

April swimmer of the month for Junior 1 is Luca M. Luca has done an outstanding job this past month.  We have working on his breast stroke every week to be able to swim a great 200 IM race on race day. Luca has also had perfect attendance for April. One thing that Luca has been really standing out in is his ability to lead the lane and understand our pass times and what is coming up next on the white board. Great work Luca!

April Swimmer of the Month for Junior 2 is Hridik C. This previous month Hridik has had 100% attendance. Hridik has also been improving at memorizing what the pace times are as well as the tasks that we are completing. Hridik is always eager to be a leader in the lane and always pushes himself as hard as he can when we are doing fast swimming. On race day Hridik has had at least one best time every Friday for the entire month. Keep up the great work!


Mikayla B is AG1’s Swimmer of the Month! Mikayla has taken her swimming to another level this year. She has consistently taken off time – in HUGE chunks – on Friday night races. Her training speed shows that too! She is explosive off the blocks and takes our races hard. Mikayla is very loud sometimes, but that’s just because she’s often encouraging her teammates! Way to go Mikayla!



Paige S is AG2’s Swimmer of the Month. Paige has gotten better at all four strokes this year. Her nemesis – Freestyle – has noticeably gotten better in the last month! Awesome kicking and attention to detail has paid off. She continues to be on a Divisional Time mission in many events. We can’t wait to see her race at some big meets (hopefully) early next season!!


The Senior 1 Swimmer of the Month is Shaelyn C. Shaelyn has really found her groove this spring! She has had great attendance and has had good energy throughout the month. She has been doing great in dryland too. Hard work has paid off with lifetime bests in multiple weeks on our Thursday night races! Spring Long Course racing is tough to do, especially in our 2021 practice-racing environment. Way to go!


The Senior 2 Swimmer of the Month Award goes to Max Angove. Max has had 94% attendance this month (Including weights). Max has picked up his training since Spring Break with 100% of his LCM races within 3% or better than his lifetime best times.    Well Done!



Swim-X swimmer of the month for April is Mailyn S. Mailyn had just joined our group in the beginning of the month and has already learned all of the strokes and his executing them almost perfectly. Mailyn is always looking to challenge herself in our sets and is always asking what she can do to improve her swimming. Mailyn is also an excellent leader for her lane she is always trying help others remember what the pace times are as well as what skill we are focusing on to improve our swimming. Excellent job Mailyn keep it up.