How to Join Kamloops Classic Swimming ~ Swim Club



Annual Club Swimming Registration

Step 1: 

** Please note: Before beginning registration, be sure that you know the roster group your swimmer should be registered in for the upcoming season. You will need this information for the system to bill you accordingly.

If you have not received a confirmation email from the Club indicating the roster group for your swimmer or you are unsure, please click the "Contact Us" tab above and we will let you know which group your swimmer should be registered in.

Step 2:

Explore the "Membership Information" page for fees, payment options and schedule information.

Step 3:

Select the Registration option under the System tab in the left upper column or the registration button on the Competitive Swimming page of the Kamloops Classic Swimming website - or, register by clicking the Register link below. 

Register Now


Please follow all instruction on the registration page to ensure that all appropriate forms and waivers are electronically approved and that your desired payment plan is selected.



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