SwimSkill Lesson Program

                                       Growing strong swimmers for life!


What is the SwimSkill Lesson Program?

  • 4 level swim lesson program developed & administered by Kamloops Classic Swimming - Ages 5-12.
  • This program is designed to bridge the gap between early swim lessons and competitive swimming. Your child will receive an enriched program of stroke development and endurance taught by trained SwimSkill and Water Safety Instructors.

    We are invested in your child progressing; our hope is, they will love swimming so much they will choose to continue into our other competitive and recreational program to become swimmers for life! 

What do our classes look like?

  • 40-minute lessons twice a week for 8 weeks!
  • A free Mini-Meet at the end of the lessons to let your swimmer show off every thing they have learned!
  • Classes focus on the four competitive strokes & fun skills like tumble turns and streamlining
  • One instructor for 6-8 swimmers

What Level is right for you?

·  Our Program has 4 Levels Green, Blue, Bronze, Novice Prep

**Once classes begin our lesson coordinator will ensure that each child is in the appropriate level. If you would like more information about which level to register your child in, please contact us to discuss.**


The outcome: Swim half a pool (15m) front crawl, kick on back.

Prerequisite: Comfortable in deep water, can jump in the water and swim back

to the wall, Comfortable with floats glides and kick, can swim on front for short distance (2-3 meters).

Red Cross Equivalent: Swim Kids 4/ Whale




The Outcome: One pool length (25m) Front crawl, Backstroke, Breaststroke kick.

Prerequisite: Green Level. Able to swim 15m doing front crawl, Back kick

Red Cross Equivalent: Swim Kids 5 & 6




The outcome: One lap of the pool (50m) Front crawl, Backstroke. One length of the pool (25m) Breaststroke, Butterfly kick.

Prerequisite: Blue Level. One pool length (25m) Front Crawl, Backstroke, Breaststroke kick.

Red Cross Equivalent: Swim Kids 7


Novice Prep


The Outcome: Continuous 200m Swim, Dives, all 4 strokes.

Prerequisite: Bronze level. (50m) Front crawl, Backstroke. (25m) Breaststroke, Butterfly kick.

Red Cross Equivalent: Swim kids 8-10


To view the curriculum for each level click here


Online Swimming Lesson Registration





Fall 2022 SwimSkill Lesson Schedule. 



SwimSkill Lesson Levels

  • Next Session Dates: GREEN, BLUE, BRONZE

  • September 27th - November 25th Wed/Fri or Tues/Thurs      (18 lessons)

    • Times: 3:40-4:20pm; 4:20-5:00pm Wed/Fri
      • 3:45-4:25pm; 4:30-5:10pm; 5:15-5:55pm Tues/Thurs
    • Cost: $180.00

Next Session Dates: NOVICE PREP

  • September 19th- November 25th Mon/Wed/Fri Choose 2 of the 3 possible days
    • Times: 3:30-4:30pm
    • Cost: $250.00

Online Swimming Lesson Registration




Please call 250-828-3660 for more information or EMAIL US


COVID-19 Protocols

How is this program affected by COVID-19?

KCS is committed to providing a safe environment for our staff and swimmers. Recently our Workplace Safety Plan and Return to Swimming Plan was completed and ratified by our Board of Directors. This plan integrates best practices from a number of organizations including The City of Kamloops, SwimBC, Swimming Canada, ViaSport, WorkSafeBC, and the Lifesaving Society of Canada. The plan can be viewed by members under our Club Resources page.