Fall 2021 SwimSkill Lesson Program

       Growing strong swimmers for life!


Our popular SwimSkill program is targeted to children that have completed some early swim instruction and are comfortable in deep water. SwimSkill instructors will focus on stroke development and endurance with your child in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Our hope is that your child will have so much fun in lessons with their friends that they'll move into our novice group of Club Swimming and become swimmers for life! 

What is the SwimSkill Lesson Program?

  • 5 level swim lesson program developed & administered by Kamloops Classic Swimming - Ages 5-12
  • follows the "Active Start" level of Swimming Canada's Longterm Athlete Development Strategy
  • 5 x 40-minute lessons 
  • Coaches are certified Red Cross Water Safety Instructors with additional SwimSkill training delivered by our Club.
  • the majority of our instructors are competitive swimmers and stroke development experts!
  • Focus on the four competitive strokes & fun skills like tumble turns and streamlining
  • Maximum class size of 6 for Blue/Green levels
  • To view the curriculum for each level click here

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Winter 2021 Semi-Private SwimSkill Lesson Schedule. 


SwimSkill Lesson Levels 

  • Green Level (5-12 yrs)  Not available at this time due to instructors not being able to do in-water instruction.
  • Blue Level (6-12 yrs) (Semi-Private Lessons 1:2)  
    • ​must have completed SwimSkills Green, Red Cross Swim Kids 4 or Whale, or YMCA Swimmer level
    • must be very comfortable in deep water.  
  • Bronze/Silver/Gold Level (7-12 yrs)
    • see Novice Prep Camp: due to restricted pool availability, we will be offering our Novice-Prep camp only for all Bronze thru Gold swimmers.
      • Swimmers who have completed level 6 of the Red Cross program or Star 2 of the YMCA program are also welcome to register. 


* Due to Covid rules, instructors are not permitted to be in water and will be coaching from on the pool deck. 

Green lessons (deep pool) 6-12yrs Not available at this time due to instructors not being able to do in-water instruction.

Blue lessons (deep pool) 6-12 yrs

Tues/Thurs Semi-private lessons  (max 2 swimmers/instructor) 

  • Jan 5th -Feb 25th Tues/Thurs (14 lessons) FULL
    • Times: 4-4:45pm; 4:45-5:30pm; 5:30-6:15pm; 6:15-7:00pm
    • Cost: $195.00
    • *These are semi-private lessons and children tend to progress fairly quickly due to the small class size.

Novice-Prep Swim Camp (Bronze-Gold Levels)

Who is this camp for? This camp is for all swimmers that are at the Bronze, Silver or Gold level of our SwimSkills Program. Swimmers who have completed level 6 of the Red Cross program or Star 2 of the YMCA program are also welcome to register. 

Our hope is that swimmers will enjoy this program so much that they want to continue in the following camp or transition to our Novice program! This is a great place to just become a better swimmer and make some friends! 

What ages can participate? Ages 7 thru 12 are welcome to register. 

When is this camp? 

February Novice-Prep Camp #1 Feb 2-25 4-5pm (TUES | THURS) Canada Games Pool (8 swimmer max)

February Novice-Prep Camp #2 Feb 2-25 5-6pm (TUES | THURS) Canada Games Pool (8 swimmer max)

What is the cost? 

The cost of this camp is $100/month 

Register HERE

Please call 250-828-3660 for more information or EMAIL US


COVID-19 Protocols

How is this program affected by COVID-19?

KCS is committed to providing a safe environment for our staff and swimmers. Recently our Workplace Safety Plan and Return to Swimming Plan was completed and ratified by our Board of Directors. This plan integrates best practices from a number of organizations including The City of Kamloops, SwimBC, Swimming Canada, VIaSport, WorkSafeBC, and the Lifesaving Society of Canada. The plan can be viewed by members under our Club Resources page. 

What are some of the most notable changes?

  • Small Class Sizes Private and Semi-private (2 swimmers) lessons only for Blue level.
  • Instructors cannot be in the water with swimmers. Physical manipulation teaching methods are not permitted by staff 
  • Physical Distancing strategies both in the pool and on the pool deck, masks must be worn by swimmers/instructors
  • Daily online Wellness Survey completion required for both staff and swimmers to ensure symptoms are not present. 
  • Pricing: Due to small class sizes the prices are unfortunately higher as we still have to cover swimmer insurance, instructor wages, admin and pool rental costs.

 Online Swimming Lesson Registration





*Under non-COVID restrictions this is a description of our regular SwimSkills program*
How do I know what level to register my child in?
Red Cross to

To begin in the Green level children should be comfortable in deep water, be able to retrieve an object from 1.5 metre depth from 2 metre distance, flutter kick on their back, and swim underwater for 2 metres. If your child has been involved in Red Cross lessons, the chart to the right should help you determine which level to register them in. Lifejackets and PFDs are not worn in our program.

**Once classes begin our lesson coordinator will ensure that each child is in the appropriate level. If you would like more information about which level to register your child in, please contact us to discuss.


How does our program differ? 

What your child will receive is an enriched program of stroke development and endurance taught by certified Water Safety Instructors (with additional SwimSkill training), many of whom are competitive swimmers. Our Green & Blue classes are taught in the deep pool at the Canada Games pool and focus on strengthening confidence as children develop their fundamental floating and stroke mechanics.  Our Bronze, Silver and Gold levels (Novice-Prep Camp) will be taught in the deep water tank at the Canada Games Pool. These upper level swimmers will become comfortable and confident in a deep water environment and capable of swimming longer distances in any of the four strokes. 

We are vested in your child progressing; our hope is that they will love swimming so much that they will choose to continue into our other competitive and recreational program to become swimmers for life!