Coach: Barry Healey

Covid-19 Protocols:

  • Master swimmers will need to show a proof of vaccination.  KCS will have a coach waiting at the side club entrance to see your verification.
  • All swimmers and coaches need to wear masks on deck and maintain social distancing while out of the water.
  • Movement around the facility is restricted to our training areas only. No access to Hot tub or Leisure pool. 
  • Please meet in the mezzanine area before workouts. Staff will call you down to the pool once it is clear.
  • If swimmers are showing/feeling any of the COVID symptoms, please stay home until they/you’re feeling better.


About Masters swimming...

More and more of us realize that regular exercise contributes to good physical and mental health, whatever our age. Swimming is one of the safest and best ways to exercise. It doesn't abuse the joints with sudden shocks and pounding and benefits the cardiovascular system, reduces cholesterol and positively influences muscle tone, endurance and emotional well-being. Besides, it's fun! Masters swimming provides excellent opportunities to exercise with others, to improve swimming skills and stamina, and to enjoy doing it.

For some, releasing Masters Swimming Association of BCthose competitive juices from time to time is also important. Masters Swimming encourages competition for swimmers of all abilities who like to challenge themselves and others at swim meets. Thus, by being a member of a Masters swim club there is an opportunity not only for fitness, but to meet and make new friends, to compete and to travel (excerpt from the Masters Swimming Association of BC). You can check out the BC Masters Meet Schedule HERE


Membership & Workouts

Our Masters members are aged 18+ with no upper limit. We currently offer 60 minute sessions, four times per week focused on fitness and stroke improvement. Many of our members have been involved in swimming since childhood, while some are newer to the sport. Our Masters members all swim the same workouts in different lanes that are graded by speed/ability, with workouts ranging between 1500m - 3500m in an hour.

General Questions and Answers


What kind of coaching will be available?

Fully certified coaching will be available as well as a seasonal workout plan. Plans will be provided for participants based on their competitive goals. Masters swimming will meet the needs of recreational swimmers wanting to improve their stroke technique within a fun, social atmosphere, as well as the more serious swimmers that still wants to be competitive and continually challenge themselves.

Will there be enhanced coaching opportunities?

There will be opportunities for the more serious swimmers to get personalized stroke analysis, and other in-depth coaching feedback. There will be additional costs for these type of opportunities.

Is there a reduced rate for seniors (over 65)? 

No there are no reduced rates for Seniors. 

Other Questions? Email or Call Us tel:2508283660


If I am interested in only attending the Friday morning session, is that okay? 

Yes, simply purchase a punch card from the Kamloops Aquatic Club office. 

Does one pay the admission to the pool on top of the drop in punch card? 

No, The punch card covers your admission to the Swim Pool for that workout.

Is the monthly cost pro-rated for holiday days when pool is closed? 


Will a substitute coach be on deck when the “Classic’s” attend out of town meets? 

Yes, that is our intention to have a coach on deck at all workouts.

General Practice Schedule

Monday: 6:30-7:30pm
Wednesday: 6:30-7:30pm
Friday: 6:30-7:30pm 
Saturday: 8:45-10:00am


2021-2022 Dues

Masters Annual Training Fee: $577.50

Paid as 9 Installments of $69.42/month (Sept-May)

Alternate 10-visit Punch Pass: $157.50

* Does not include MSABC insurance
($39 for non-compeititive/$205 for competitive)

** Registration is on-going for this group

Masters Suggested Equipment List

  • KCS Cap (Silicon), Goggles, Finz (Speedo), Snorkel (Finis), Equipment Bag, Pullbuoy,  Yellow Finis Paddles, Foam Roller
  • Visit our Apparel & Equipment Page



2020-2021 Masters Meet Schedule 

  • *Due to COVID-19 we do not have any meets approved for the 2020-2021 season at this time


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