KCS Alumni Spotlight | Jack Savage

Kent Aitchison
Apr 10, 2019

Jack Savage

What they’re taking at University?

Commerce at the University of Victoria

What they’re planning to do after graduation (or what they're doing now that they're graduated)

I’m not really sure yet, just trying to get a degree and get out and see the world as soon as possible while I’m young.

How they’re finding (or found) the transition both athletically and academically from high school and KCS to varsity athletics, university in general, or the work-force:

Academically, the change to university was a quick learning curve. You get used to not being as caught up as you were in high school, so be prepared to do a lot more studying when you aren’t in class. Athletically, the amount of time taken out of every week to train was not that demanding compared to training with the senior group, with exception to 2 hour morning practices including Mondays. The actual practices themselves were more difficult than senior as well, as the pace times were a lot faster and the type of work we were doing took some getting used to. Technique pointers given to me and the start of my first season confused me a lot and I wasn’t really sure who I was as a swimmer anymore. It took me 2/3 the way through the first season before I started to find myself as a swimmer again. Transitioning to being the small fish in the big pond set my expectations on myself through the roof, I struggled to see how good I was doing despite being surrounded by some big boys. This impacted me much more subconsciously, which made it hard to diagnose my confidence issues in the first few months of swimming with Uvic.

How KCS helped to prepare them for the transition to Varsity athletics and/or the 'real world':

KCS prepared me for the amount of practices being done at my university. The team functions- such as helping with rotary and the team clinics definitely helped with the amount of giving back to the community that my university team does over its season. In terms of being out in the real world, KCS showed me how important it is to cope with stress. There was nothing wrong for me to be stressed for a race or a test. But if I didn’t stay relaxed enough in the process, my emotions would bounce all over the place I couldn’t maximize what I knew I was capable of. Swim club showed me how impactful stress can really be on execution and it’s helped me prepare mentally for a good exam, good day at work, driving a VW, etc.

Biggest achievement so far:

Made a few slideshows for KCS. Voted “dad of the year” from my fellow first year teammates at Uvic for driving them to practice everyday.