Mel Zajac Recap

Kent Aitchison
May 28, 2019

2019 Mel Zajac Jr. International Swim Meet


May 24-26, 2019

The Kamloops Classic Swim Club had 11 swimmers competing at the 2019 Mel Zajac Rr. International Swim Meet over the weekend. The meet featured both the Canadian and US Junior National Swim Teams. Kamloops had an outstanding showing given there were 825 swimmers from 92 teams throughout North America.

Highlights from the meets included the following:   Colin Gilbert placed 4th in the 800 Free 5th in the 400 Free, 9th in the 1500 Free and 10th in the 200 Free. Jack Cameron 50 Fly placed 56th , 50 Free placed 62nd, 200 Free placed 90th , 100 Fly placed 126th , 200 IM placed 108th , 200 Fly placed 67th  and 100 Free placed 65th .  Emily Dagasso placed 61st in the 50 Back, 51st 200 Back, 107th in the 50 Fly, 167th in the 100 Fly, 80th in the 200 Fly and 57th in the 100 Back. Michael Dagasso placed 93rd in the 50 Fly, 90th in the 50 Free, 93rd in the 200 Free and 108th  in the 100 Free. Megan Dalke placed 4th in the 400 IM, 7th in the 400 Free, 45th  in the 100 Free and 49th in the 200 Back.  Sarah Koopmans placed 9th in the consolation final of the 50 Fly, 66th in the 100 Fly, 62 in the 200 IM, 47th in the 50 Breast, 115th in the 100 Breast, 62nd in the 400 IM and 143rd in the 50 Free. Diego Paz placed 8th  in the consolation final of the 200 Fly,  23rd  in the 1500 Freestyle, 98th in the 200 Free, 53rd in the 400 IM and 96th in the 200 Breast. Haley Rowden placed 58th in the 100 Breast, 45th in the 200 Breast, 50th in the 50 Breast, 51st in the 400 IM, 62nd in the 200 IM and 67th  in the 200 Fly. Jack Savage 55th in the 200 Back, 86th in the 50 Fly, 52nd in the 50 Back, 62nd in the 400 Free, 78 in the 200 Fly and 53rd  in the 100 Back.  Keana Smart placed 9th in the 50 Back Junior Final, 44th in the 200 Back, 25th in the 1500 Freestyle, 95th in the 200 Free, 124 in the 50 Fly, 100th  in the 200 Fly and 65th  in the 100 Back. Cate Wharton placed 131st in the 100 Breast, 122 in the 50 Back, 168th in the 50 Free and 123rd  in the 100 Freestyle.