Frequently Asked Questions - We get a lot of them!

What is the SwimSkill lesson program?

The SwimSkill lesson program is developed and administered by Kamloops Classic Swimming and consists of 5 levels of swim lessons (Green, Blue, Bronze, Silver & Gold). The program encourages kids to be strong swimmers in a supportive and enjoyable environment.

What level of swimmer does my child need to be to join SwimSkill lessons?

Swimmers need to be able to swim 15m of the pool on their front or on their back, and be comfortable in the deep water. This usually corresponds to completion of Red Cross level 4 or Whale for younger children. If you are interested in the team but unsure of your child’s ability level please contact our office to set up an evaluation to see if your child is ready for the team. (250-828-3660)

When is my child ready to join the Club swimming program within Kamloops Classic Swimming?

There are 3 pathways by which youth can enter the KCS competitive swimming program

  1. Completion of the KCS Swim Lesson program, or receive a letter of invitation from one of our coaches while enrolled in one of the upper levels of the SwimSkill lesson program.
  2. Completion or advanced level in the Red Cross program + a successful evaluation with one of our coaches (please call the office to schedule an evaluation 250-828-3660 or
  3. Prior experience swimming for another swim team. In this case, please call our office to schedule a meeting with one of our coaches.

       How is Club Swimming different than swimming lessons?

 Both swimming lessons and Club Swimming are great ways for your child to learn how to swim. On the swim team we concentrate on teaching technique in all four strokes and developing the fitness levels of each swimmer.

As part of the swim team, athletes will also be exposed to dry-land training (strength, flexibility and co-ordination) and many other skills such as goal setting and approaching challenges with a positive attitude that are transferable to all areas of their life.

Can my child try the team to see if they like it?          

Yes, Kamloops Classic Swimming offers one-week trials, so your child can discover just how much they love to swim the KCS way!

How do I know when my child is ready to join the team?

Simple, if your child loves to swim and would like to become part of a great team, bring them out! Set up a time for you and your swimmer to come to the pool and speak to the coaches and see the practices.  The transition to swim club is very easy. The Novice program trains Monday, Wednesday and/or Friday from 3:30 to 4:45 pm. Participating in Jamborees is encouraged when the young swimmers are ready and confident in their ability. 

How many hours a week do I have to train?

This is very dependent on what group your child is in. In our SwimSkill lessons, which are the introductory groups, athletes can start with two 45-min practices a week. As they progress into the Novice group they train for 1.25 hrs on Mondays and Wednesdays. Swimmers training commitments increase as they move up into the more senior levels of competitive swimming. 

What are the main benefits of joining a swim team?

There are many great benefits to belonging to the swim team. Being a swim team member provides the opportunity for children to pursue both team and individual goals, how to swim all four strokes more efficiently, to develop a high level of fitness, meet new friends and most importantly have fun. Other benefits are listed on the "Why Choose Swimming?" page click here

Will my training in swimming be a benefit in other sports?

Yes, swimming is an excellent way to develop strength, aerobic fitness and flexibility, all skills that will benefit athletes in any sport they participate in.

What type of suit does my child need?

Swim lessons:

Girls should have a one piece swimsuit and a cap, if they have longer hair. Any swim trunks are suitable for boys in swim lessons. As they progress into the club swimming groups, boys are encouraged to wear a jammer, a tighter suit that extends just above the knees.  

Are swim meets mandatory?

SwimSkill lesson swimmers are encouraged to swim in the fun meets that fall at the end of each lesson sets. Meet attendance in novice and junior club swimming groups is encouraged, but swimmers are not entered in meets until they are ready.

What is the purpose of swim meets?

Swim meets are an opportunity for swimmers to pursue personal bests and measure their individual improvement. While the focus is on achieving personal bests, meets also provide an opportunity for swimmers to compete against other swimmers at their level. Overall young swimmers learn about goal setting, participate in a fun and supportive team environment, and benefit from the family involvement aspect of a swim meet.