KCS Bursary Program

In an effort to keep swimming an affordable sport in our community, we have created a funding source to financially support swim families in need, KCS officials requiring out-of-town training, and out-of-town travel for club members.

The following funding has been generated thru our club and is made available to our members of good standing:

  1. A stipend to our Volunteer Officials who are required to travel to out of town swim meets in order to build the experience required to achieve their Official Level 4 or 5 status.  Each applicant can apply twice per swim year for $100 to be reimbursed with an appropriate receipt.  Five hundred dollars is reserved per swim year for this category.
  2. Three bursaries of $500 each that would be made available to those in financial need.  Applicants apply who appropriately meet application requirements and received credit towards their swim account.
  3. A total of $1000 is reserved funds for a team travel swim meet that is accessible to all levels of swimmers in our club to bring the cost of travel down for all participants.

Basic Eligibility Criteria for Bursaries

  1. All grants are dependent on funds being available
  2. The swimmer's family account must be in good financial standing
  3. Family volunteer commitments should be satisfied.

KCS Bursary Information

KCS Bursary Application Page1

KCS Bursary Application Page 2

KCS Officials Request for Funds


KidSport Kamloops Grants

KidSport™ is a community based sport-funding program established in 1993 by Sport BC. KidSport™ provides grants for children ages 6 – 18 to participate in a sport season of their choice. There are over 35 community chapters in BC and over 175 chapters across Canada. KidSport™ works to fulfill its mission of eliminating the financial barriers to sport participation, ‘So ALL Kids Can Play!’ For more information, please visit KidSport Kamloops



Local contact for the KidSport program:  

Duncan Olthuis, Intake Coordinator 

KidSport Kamloops 
c/o Kamloops Sports Council
Unit 101 - 1550 Island Parkway
Kamloops, BC  V2B 0H7

ph (250) 828-3822


City of Kamloops Arch Program


Affordable Recreation for Community Health (ARCH)

ARCH is a subsidy program that helps people access City facilities and programs. We understand the value of recreation for healthy living and want to help people in our community to reach their goals.




Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program - Individual Child Grants

Removing Financial Barriers

Sometimes, families need financial assistance to get their kids into a sport or physical activity. We're committed to helping all families access a range of activities, from boxing to bowling and skating to skiing, and more



Athletics for Kids

All across BC, hundreds of children and youth are denied the opportunity to participate in amateur sports due to one simple fact: lack of funds.

As a privately funded charity, we are able to get dollars into the hands of those who need it most, quickly and effectively. We help families bear the expense of having their children participate in organized sports because we believe that all kids should have the chance to play. 

The support of A4K is available province-wide for children ages 5 to 18 who are currently enrolled in school. Basic registration fees are paid for a multitude of approved sports, up to an annual maximum of $450 per child (which is considerably higher than other sport funding charities.