KCS 2019-20 Volunteer Commitment Policy (PDF version) 

2020 Volunteer Commitment has been suspended due to COVID19

2020-2021 Volunteer Coordinator: Mary Kay 

2020-2021 Directors of Officials: Dan Dagasso & Brad Litke


Swimming Canada Officials Training

CLICK HERE to access the training

For our swim meets to run smoothly we require trained officials in the following positions: 

  1. Timers: to become trained as a Timer, please complete: 
  2. ​Stroke & Turn Officials: due to the number required, we are always in need of these positions. To become trained please complete: 
  3. ​Chief Timers: typically at a meet we are also short of chief timers. Certificaiton for this position can be achieved by taking: 

If you do any of these clinics please print off and complete the quiz at the end and have Brad Angove sign and forward it to me. 

I will then enter your information on the Swimming Canada website. 

Hope this helps and thank you for volunteering

Dan Dagasso. 

All About Volunteering

Each season the club hosts at least three major swim meets. These swim meets are one of our largest fundraising activities. With the Canada Games Pool and a great competition committee we are capable of raising $40,000-$60,000 per season (approximately $400 per swimmer). To ensure we run successful meets that will guarantee us this revenue we need every member to participate in running the meets. We need a minimum of 60 - 80 volunteers per session (meet sessions range from 1-6 depending on the meet level). We are quickly becoming a hot spot for quality competition. Please help us develop our Team pride in offering the finest meets in Canada and at the same time keep our costs of swimming to a minimum.


How will volunteering benefit my child?

Working at our swim meets saves the club and yourself a lot of money in registration costs. By hosting three good competitive opportunities at home we are saving each swimmer between $400.00 and $600.00 each season. Working a meet as an official gives you the best view of your child swimming. You will also get to know other swimmers and parents. Please see the Officials Training section under the "For Parents" tab to see officials training opportunities prior to meets. 

Will I still get to watch my child race?

Many volunteer positions provide unique opportunities to watch your child race. Timers have the best seat in the house by being positioned at the starting blocks. Every effort will be made to ensure that you are in an area that provides an opportunity to watch your child race, although you may be timing other swimmers at the same time. It is a fun job to watch each swimmer complete their event and accomplish their goals.

Can I choose where I volunteer?

There are many different volunteering opportunities at each home meet. The positions range from non-technical heat sheet sales & hospitality room jobs, to the more technical positions such as timers, stroke and turn, electronics, and referee. Officials training will be offered throughout the year and can be found in the "Events" tab.  To ensure you get the placement you want please complete the online job signup early (link can be found next to events under the "Events" tab).

Can other members of my family volunteer?

Yes, we love to have Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and Friends helping out. When you log into your TeamUnify account and proceed to Job Signup, there will be an opportunity to enter contact information for an external volunteer. The best part is that their volunteer hours will count towards your family volunteer commitment - it's also a great way for teens in grades 10-12 to get their highschool volunteer hours.

Can my children volunteer?

While we love having the kids around to help, it can be overwhelming during a busy swim meet. Swimming Canada rules state that all technical officials must be at least 14 years old.

What is my commitment?

Please read the above Volunteer Commitment Policy.

How do I signup?

The TeamUnify Platform streamlines the volunteer sign-up process. You must be logged into your account to see the options for job signup. Once you are logged into your account proceed to the meet you would like to volunteer for in the "Events" section of the website. Once volunteer sign-up has been opened for a home meet, the "Job Sign-up" button will appear next to the "Attend this Event" button. Clicking on the "Job Signup" button will take you to the list of jobs available. Click on the jobs that you would like to do. Once you have completed the signup, the button will change from "Job Signup" to "Edit Commitment". You will be able to go back into job signup and edit your commitment until the volunteer coordinator closes the signup. *you can also signup volunteers external to your family by following the prompts in the TeamUnify system. 

What are the dates for volunteering?

The dates for volunteering are generally as follows:
The Movement Mechanic Swim the Distance October - last weekend
Fall Jamboree - October - 3rd weekend
MJB Law Classic - December - 2nd weekend
Pratt's Spring Fever Jamboree  - April - 3rd weekend
TRU Wolfpack Invitational - late May/early June

+ any further Provincial Championship meets awarded by SwimBC

*please refer to the events calendar for exact dates


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