Athlete Meet Responsibilities

Swimmers should arrive at the pool early enough to change and be on deck for the start of warm-ups. Warm-ups are compulsory and usually start an hour prior to the meet. Swimmers should report to their coach on time upon arrival and participate actively in the group warm-up and cheer. After receiving instructions the swimmers proceed to water work. After warm-ups they return to the club area for a quick team meeting where they should loudly and actively support their team mates.

Before the swimmer goes to the marshalling area for each event he/she is to report to his/her respective coach. After the race the swimmers should get their time from the timer and report to their coach for feedback in the areas of stroke, technique, strategies, starts, turns and finishes. Between races swimmers should keep warm, dry, out of the sun (if outdoors), relaxed, display good sportsmanship, listen for their own events and stay positive.

At a meet proper nutrition is of the utmost importance. Swimmers should drink lots of fluids (i.e. water, unsweetened fruit juice), stay away from "junk food", fried food, high sugar foods and heavy, hard to digest foods.

1. Suit (double and triple check...please!)
2. Goggles
3. Towel(s)
4. Uniform
5. A large kit bag (to bring all your clothes onto the pool deck)
6. Spending money
7. Personal effects (toothbrush, shampoo etc.)
8. Medication
9. Games, homework, iPods to occupy idle moments
10. Snacks for bus/between races
11. Water Bottle

All members should wear the designated club uniform at all competitions. We have made efforts to ensure that our members receive quality equipment at the lowest cost. Team uniforms play an important role in enhancing our team image in town and away at meets. The club carries a full line of team equipment, including T-shirts which can be obtained for a minimal cost. Please contact the club office for information on uniforms. Uniform orders are usually placed in the fall.

Meet Travel
1. Be on time for all activities. Make a point to find out what time you need to be present.
2. Be polite and help chaperones while traveling. Be patient when getting or handing in money. Help carry supplies to and from the hotel, van, and pool - it's a team effort!
3. Coaches and chaperones are in charge 100%! Make sure you follow direction without argument. Decisions are made for the best of the individual and team swimming success. You have an obligation to the club and the sport to create a favourable public opinion.
4. We don't allow junk food before and during the swim meet. We provide a chaperone and a good healthy affordable diet to maximize swimming performance. Road stops for gas, bathroom breaks or phone calls are NOT to load up junk food!
5. We swim on arrival at many meets we attend. Pack accordingly! You'll need to get at your swimsuit
quickly and easily on arrival