2019-2020 KCS Competitive/Recreational/TRU Varsity/Masters Registration

Welcome to the Kamloops Classic Swimming Electronic Registration platform for our upcoming swim season! We are pleased to offer electronic payment processing and registration. The process is simple for both new and returning members. You'll get access to your own private account that will enable you easily declare for swim meets, sign-up for jobs, see your children's swim times histories, maintain your own contact information, and more.


Please note the following: 

  • NEW SWIMMERS: First of all, WELCOME to the Club! We are happy to have you aboard. Before you begin your registration, if you are registering for one of our competitive groups, it is important to know which roster group your swimmer(s) should be in. If you have not been in contact with one of our coaches yet,  DO NOT register.  Instead, please contact us to schedule an assessment for your swimmer(s). Call 250-828-3660 or EMAIL to schedule a time. SwimX, SwimFIT and Masters swimmers are welcome to register without a prior assessment if they meet the age criteria and can swim 25m comfortably in deep water.
  • RETURNING SWIMMERS: Please pay special attention to ensure that you register your swimmer(s) for the correct roster group which was communicated in the recent email you received from KCS. If for some reason you did not receive an email please EMAIL the office. The system will automatically calculate which insurance your swimmer(s) needs based on their age.
    • Special note about Senior Dryland: Senior dryland with F3FIT is now included in your regular training fees so no need to pay outside of the roster registration with the exception of your TCC weight room pass.  
  • SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT WAIVERS: There are 5 waivers, the first 3 pertain to all members and are required part of membership with Kamloops Classic Swimming, they are: 
    1. KCS Release of Liability, Waiver, Claims & Indemnity Agreement
    2. Swimming Canada Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Consent
    3. KCS Photo Release
    4. The next waiver, the KCS Volunteer Agreement, is mandatory agreement for all members of Novice, Junior 1/2, Age Group 1/2 and Senior Group. Due to the limitations of the registration, consent of this agreement is required for all members however Recreational SwimX, SwimFIT, TRU and Masters roster groups are exempt. We would however still love to have you involved!
    5. The final waiver, the Master's Association of BC Waiver/Release Agreement. This agreement shows as optional in the system but consent is mandatory for all Masters swimmers. Masters will not be permitted to swim without this consent. 
  • TEAM APPAREL: During registration you will be required to enter a shirt size. For the 2019-2020 season we will be ordering the same team shirts as last season so please refer to and select based on that shirt size. For new swimmers, please take your best guess!  We will be submitting an order prior to the start of the season so we have shirts early for our team pictures. Senior and Age Group 2 swimmers will also receive a free silicone Vorgee KCS swim cap, Age Group 1, Juniors, Novice, SwimFIT and SwimX swimmers will all receive complimentary Vorgee silicone cap and Vorgee goggles. 
  • RESPECT IN SPORT: We are continuing our commitment to ensuring that at least one parent for each member has completed the Respect in Sport Parent Course by October 31, 2019. Although the $13 charge is automatically applied to each family account, if we have confirmation that one parent has completed this course previous to the 2019-2020 season, your account will be credited the $13. Masters and TRU Varsity swimmers are not reuired to complete the course and your accounts will be credited the $13.  


  • Know which roster group your swimmer(s) has(ve) been assigned to
  • Medical number(s)
  • Emergency contact information
  • Dr's name and contact information
  • Special medical concerns
  • Credit Card Information
  • Print out of Fees/Training Schedule so if you choose to pay monthly, you know what your monthly charges will be for each roster group. CLICK HERE
  • Registration is ongoing so the system will be updated with pro-rated prices as the season progresses.  

We look forward to having you join the Kamloops Classic Swimming and are excited for another great season! Questions?  Email us at  admin@swimkamloops.com !