KISU Equipment Manager - Erin Price  – e[email protected] 


The following equipment is recommended as "the basics”:

  • 1 polyester training suit (this suit should fit comfortably)
  • 2 KISU swim caps
  • 1 pair of goggles
  • 1 club shirt (starting in the 2014/15 season, ordering a club shirt will be part of registration)
  • Swim Academy swimmers will be encouraged to have their own "gear bag", consisting of a snorkel, fins, pull-bouy, kickboard, and paddles. They will also have a dryland uniform that they will be able to purchase through the club.


Team “Uniform”

The KISU team colours are blue and gold. Although KISU does not have an official “uniform”, we do have many options available to our members to make them look like a TEAM!

All team members are encouraged to wear team suits.  These can be purchased through our equipment managers by emailing [email protected].  Racing suits are discouraged at Regional level meets.

All swimmers are encouraged to wear our team swim caps at swim meets.  This makes it easy for the other swimmers, coaches and parents to recognize KISU swimmers.  You wouldn’t dream of playing a school basketball game without your team uniform, so please swim with your team colours on!  Most swimmers should have at least two caps on hand for each meet.  Caps are always available in the swim club office.

KISU swimmers are required to wear KISU Swim Club T-shirts at swim meets. We also recommend that each competitive swimmer have more than one club shirt to wear at swim meets as shirts become quite wet during the day and should be changed for added warmth.  It is also a good idea wear deck shoes to keep the feet warm.

It is highly recommended that each swimmer’s name be placed inconspicuously on all of their KISU items.

The requirements for equipment at KISU are few and reasonably priced. You can purchase most of your needs through our equipment managers at [email protected].

Additionally, at various times throughout the season, the club may order tracksuits, hoodies, swim bags, towels, and many other KISU accessories for purchase by our members.