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KISU Swim Club provides competitive swimmers of all abilities with high-quality programs and outstanding coaching in a fun, supportive team environment. Our athletes achieve both personal and performance excellence, in and out of the pool.


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Kisu Newsletter - September 28, 2022

Well, congratulations to those who read all the way to the end of last week’s newsletter, thought something sounded familiar there toward the end…and...

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Kisu Newsletter - September 22, 2022

Our thanks to Okanagan design firm, Sitka Concept, for sponsoring the newsletter this month. Check out some of their work @sitkaconcept, or you can...

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Kisu Newsletter - September 16, 2022

Three *very* important items to cover, but before we get there, let me tell you that the newsletter this month is brought to you...

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We're going to have some real news tomorrow, but I wanted to be sure this information didn't get buried, so it's being sent on...

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Kisu Newsletter - September 8, 2022

Our Academy swimmers hit the water for the first time yesterday, so we’re really looking forward to having everyone else back, along with all...

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