KISU 2022 Albatross Mega Swim
Supporting the athletes of KISU Swim Club
NOV 25
Time: 3:30 PM
Business #:
Penticton Community Centre Pool
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Are you an ALBATROSS?

An albatross is a bird that's known for flying great distances without taking any breaks. It also happens to be the nickname for Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps because of his incredible wing span. This makes this bird the perfect mascot for our annual long distance swim event on November 25 and 26 - the KISU Albatross Megaswim!

First and foremost, this event is about testing our mental and physical limits as swimmers are challenged to go a full 5 km in under 2 hours. Swimmers in Age Group and Academy will try the full distance on Friday Nov 25 between 3:30 and 5:30 pm. Juniors through to Intermediate will try the full distance on Saturday Nov 26 from 8am to 10am. (Our mini-squad swimmers will also participate and do their best during practice that week.) Combined, our distance goal is over 1/2 million metres!

How does our fundraiser work?
In addition to marking our progress in the pool, we also rely on this event for fundraising for the club. This year's fundraiser is similar to ones we have done in the past - swimmers receive pledges and donations from family members, friends, neighbors, and local businesses.

Each swimmer has to raise a minimum of $50 - $100, depending on their group, with a club goal of $10,000.

You can use our online donation tool or collect cash and cheques. Please find the cash/cheque donation form attached to the event to print out and use. **When entering cash/cheque donations on to your swimmer's fundraising account, please total all cash/cheque donations and enter as a single donation entry. All offline donations will be verified once received by KISU.

What's in it for swimmers?
Aside from the glory of achieving something that very few can and contributing to a club you love, this event is lots of fun! We will have music, food, and of course, prizes!

Our KISU fundraising efforts assist in keeping our club fees at a more affordable rate and contributes to pool rental fees.

More information about the event will be shared in the weeks leading up. In the mean time, go ahead and start your fundraising. We are looking forward to everyone's help, support, and participation!
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$750.00 Marlee Winser
$600.00 Daniel Callahan
$600.00 Blakely Stafford
$535.00 Emily
$450.00 Rowan Tyler
$450.00 Tristan Boone
$450.00 Zachary Nichol
$450.00 Charlotte Boone