Club News October 7th 2019

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“No matter how slow you go

you’re still lapping everyone on the couch.”


Swimming Canada Registration:

There are still a number of members who have not confirmed their account details with Swimming Canada. Emails were sent again today. Meet entries cannot not be processed for your swimmer until your account is updated. Please confirm your swimmer’s details ASAP. Your swimmers are not completely registered until account details are confirmed.  If you notice any errors, please email with the correct info.

Arena Team Suits:

The remaining Arena swimsuits have arrived and can be picked up at the KISU office this week.  Please double check the fit of the suit with your swimmer before they wear it in the pool, remove tags, etc.   If you have any questions, please email Simone Peters at


Upcoming Meets and Events:


Turkey Time Trial:   October 12thRegistration Deadline Oct 10th

We will be hosting a time trial in October for all interested members of the club in juniors and up. The time trial will run during our Saturday morning practice. We will run four events - 25 free, back, fly and breast. Please plan on swimming all four events. 

7am Warm up, 7:30am Time Trial starts, 9am finish time.

Racing will be four 25m races and perhaps a relay if there is time.  This is not a sanctioned event.

We will need timers and stroke and turn officials, as well as help with set up and clean up.  

The time trial is free for those families with parents volunteering.  $10/swimmer without volunteers.

THERE WILL BE NO SIGN UP ON THE DAY.  PLEASE sign up in advance.  Deadline is Oct. 10th.



KISU October Jamboree: Oct 20th Sign up Deadline has passed

This will be our first Home Jamboree of the season.  It will follow after the conclusion of the Pentathlon. 

Please see meet info below for more information.

Session Time:     Sunday October 20, 2019

                           Warm Up: 1:30-2:05 pm

                           Start: 2:15 pm

                           Projected Finish: 6pm

Cost:                   $20 per swimmer with volunteer commitment

Meet Format:

  • All events will be run as mixed gender and open seeded.
  • Results will be separated by gender and age groups (as shown in “Eligibility”).
  • All events will be timed finals.
  • Swimmers having no times will be placed in the slowest heat.

Volunteers are needed to run this meet.  Please sign up via the ‘Job Sign up’ tab on the home page. Job Sign up Deadline: Friday October 11th



KISU Triple Pentathlon:  Oct. 18th-20th Sign up Deadline has passed


Main Meet - requires sub4min for 200 IM time.  

Warm ups:  Friday - 3 pm (everyone) Saturday - 7:30 am for 12&U, 1:30 pm for 13&O Sunday - 7:30 am (everyone).  Swimmers should be there 15 minutes early for stretching.

Meet format: Timed Finals.  Swimmers will be combined age groups for heats but separated for results.

Entry Costs: $30, when the club's volunteer policy commitment is fulfilled.


(Please see document below for more detailed information.)

·      Friday – 100s of all the strokes, plus 200 IM.

·      Saturday – 200s of all the strokes, plus 400 IM.

·      Sunday – 50s of all the strokes, plus 100 IM.

Coaches' Editorial: This is our home meet.  ALL KISU swimmers (sub4 for 200 IM) should be there! Meet information and entries is posted in the link below.

Volunteering at the Meet

Job Sign up Deadline: Friday October 11th

·      Swim meets are a MAJOR fundraiser for our club, and as such, all parents are needed and required to help out.  The funds raised benefit each and every KISU swimmer!  Swim meets are completely run by volunteers.  The club makes money by charging entry fees for the swimmers to compete in the events.  This meet charges swimmers from every other club $6 per event . . . $90 to swim the 15 events of the weekend.  KISU swimmers get to participate for only $30 (and this includes dinner on Friday night) as a way of saying thank you to the parents for their volunteer time.

·      Each family is required to provide one adult volunteer for the equivalent of one session on each day of the swim meet for which they have one or more swimmers registered.

·      A penalty of $25 will be applied to the account of the swimmer(s) per session where the appropriate number of volunteers is not provided. The volunteer must be registered for their commitment through the club website by the stated deadline. The penalty will be stated as part of the event description.

·      Volunteers must be a minimum of 16-years old. Volunteers do not have to be members of the family. Children less than 16 years of age are welcome to volunteer but do not fulfill the requirement of an adult volunteer.

·      Volunteers will be assigned roles by the Volunteer Coordinator. Roles will be assigned based on the experience of the volunteer. Volunteers will be assigned to different roles in order to develop the knowledge and experience of our volunteer pool. You may be assigned multiple roles in a single session. (i.e. meet heat sheet sales and timing, or timing and ribbons etc.)

·      To sign up, click the Job Sign Up icon.  There will be 4 sessions over the three-day meet.


KISU AGM (and October team practice, yes in November…): 

When: Friday November 1st, 4:30-5:30

Where: Penticton Community Centre Meeting Room 7 upstairs

Please remember that this meeting is for ALL club members, mini squad parents through to Academy.We encourage everyone to attend, as our attendance is recorded in our gaming grant reports and affects the decisions for how much grant money the club receives each year.

Our goal is to be finished by the time swimmers are out of their practice.

Positions up for nomination this Season:


3 Member at Large positions


Vernon Fall Invitational:  Nov 1-3, 2019 Registration Deadline : October 18th

Vernon Swim Meet - Location - 3310-37 Ave, Vernon

Coach's Editorial - this is a great early season meet.  Based on last year's meet info. it is our first opportunity to race heats and finals on the Saturday which often brings out some great swims (no race suits allowed).  It would be great to have a large KISU contingent out.

Consider coming out for only one day. 

Based on last year's MEET INFO. - The Friday hosts a couple of 50m events and the 800 Free.  We don't get many chances to swim the 800 so this is a great day to attend.  The Saturday is the most exciting day as it has heats and finals.  This is the first H/F event of our season and is always super exciting.  Consider coming up for just the Saturday.

Warm ups - Friday 5pm, Saturday morning 7:30 am (heats), afternoon - 4:30pm (finals), Sunday 7:30am.


  • Friday - 50 Back, 50 Brst and 800 Free.
  • Saturday - 100 Fly, 200 Back, 100 brst, 50 Free and 200 IM. Heats and finals.
  • Sunday - 200 Free, 50 Fly, 100 Back, 200 Brst, 100 Free.

Meet fees - $8/event.


Vernon Fall Jamboree:  November 3rd Registration Deadline: October 18th

This is the second regional jamboree of the season.  Jamborees are for novice swimmers who have not yet gone faster than 4 minutes for their 200IM.  It is considered a developmental meet, and lasts only 4 hours.

Location - 3310-37 Ave., Vernon

Based on last year's meet information -

Start time 1:30pm. Estimated finish at 6pm.

 Coaches will decide on events.  More details will be posted in the meet information below when they become available.

This is a great local meet for our Jamboree swimmers.  We hope to see a large contingent of KISU Jamboree swimmers out for the Vernon Meet.

Please visit the website for more upcoming events:


Parent Article:

"You're Missing the Point!"
"It's about making it hard, not about making it easier ."

By John Leonard

Our friends the Australians have an be "gobsmacked". Heaven only knows the derivation, but the picture I have in my mind is getting literally "smacked in the face with a fish". Sort of a stunning and "attention riveting event."

One night during Christmas Vacation training, one of the nice young men on our team, (I'll call him Benito) did something that led to my exclamation at the top of this article. He's a good young man, and he was simply responding to the prevailing ethic of our society, which is to constantly seek to make things "easier".

In the process, he lost track of a critical lesson and a great opportunity. It resulted in my rather loudly and strongly making my point above.

We'd finished about 6 K of water work in 90 minutes and were proceeding to our 30 minutes of dryland work on a cool Florida evening, with a decent chill in the air. My first instruction was about some med ball throws. Following that, it was "3 sets Med ball situps, 1⁄2 twist, 100 with 30 seconds rest."

So far, all is well. Benito moves into the situp phase well enough and does his first set. Around that time, another athlete has to leave....tossing her med ball into the bin....Benito, who is about 30 situps into his second hundred, hops up, and grabs the just discarded ball, which, I immediately note is 4 pounds LIGHTER.


"Coach, I wanted this other ball....." (as explanation for stopping in mid-set, which he knows is a team no-no)

"Coach, this ball has handles and its lighter."

Now revert to the top of the page for my next comments.
I then stopped the whole group and gathered them around me...."guys, why are we here?" (various answers) "we'd better all be here with the intent to get better." (various nods, affirmations, and some blank stares....) "to get better, we Need to Do Whatever Is HARDER, Not what is easier, yes?"

Lights go on in most eyes, most heads nod. Notably, not ALL heads nod.

I went on to explain that sport, done correctly is counter-culture. The prevailing culture around us values and esteems "making things easier". It's EVERYWHERE in our world. And it is EXACTLY what keeps us from being our best. As aspiring athletes, and coaches, we need to SEEK OUT that which is harder, more uncomfortable, more demanding. Not look for the lighter ball with handles.

Benito got it. As soon as I said "back to work", he found the biggest, nastiest med-ball he could find WITHOUT handles, and restarted his second set of 100. The majority of the rest of the athletes did likewise. When you point it out to them...."they know".

But I found myself wondering, if a COACH didn't point it out to them, would they ever get it on their own? I think that's why we describe it as "counter-culture."

Each of my athletes has heard and "understood" the expression "get comfortable with being uncomfortable" if you want to get better. They can all intellectually explain it. But on a cool Florida night when they were tired, most could not see the application "on their own."

A wonderful lesson for me as well as for my athletes.



Volunteer Opportunities:

We are looking for volunteers to fill the key positions below for the upcoming season:

Travel Manager:Takes care of Coach accommodation bookings as well as team travel arrangement for the season.

If you are interested in taking on any of the above positions, please contact Lisa at




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