Club News October 14th 2019

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Happy Thanksgiving to all KISU Families


Turkey Time Trial:

Thank you to all the family members who came out to volunteer at the time trial this past Saturday. It ran very smoothly thanks to all of you.  Results available on the website under the EVENTS tab and HERE

Arena Team Suits:

The remaining Arena swimsuits have arrived and can be picked up at the KISU office this week.  Please double check the fit of the suit with your swimmer before they wear it in the pool, remove tags, etc.   If you have any questions, please email Simone Peters at


Upcoming Meets and Events:


KISU Triple Pentathlon:  Oct. 18th-20th 

We are looking for donations of cookies, muffins and crockpot meals/soups for the upcoming pentathlon. If you are able to donate a food item please email Philippa Keys at philippakeys@gmail.comto confirm day and time to drop off.  THANK YOU!

Warm ups:  Friday - 3 pm (everyone) Saturday - 7:30 am for 12&U, 1:30 pm for 13&O Sunday - 7:30 am (everyone).  Swimmers should be there 15 minutes early for stretching.

Meet format: Timed Finals.  Swimmers will be combined age groups for heats but separated for results.

Entry Costs: $30, when the club's volunteer policy commitment is fulfilled.


(Please see document below for more detailed information.)

·      Friday – 100s of all the strokes, plus 200 IM.

·      Saturday – 200s of all the strokes, plus 400 IM.

·      Sunday – 50s of all the strokes, plus 100 IM.

Coaches' Editorial: This is our home meet.  ALL KISU swimmers (sub4 for 200 IM) should be there! Meet information and entries is posted in the link below.

Volunteering at the Meet

Job Sign up Deadline: Friday October 18th

·      Swim meets are a MAJOR fundraiser for our club, and as such, all parents are needed and required to help out.  The funds raised benefit each and every KISU swimmer!  Swim meets are completely run by volunteers.  The club makes money by charging entry fees for the swimmers to compete in the events.  This meet charges swimmers from every other club $6 per event . . . $90 to swim the 15 events of the weekend.  KISU swimmers get to participate for only $30 (and this includes dinner on Friday night) as a way of saying thank you to the parents for their volunteer time.

·      Each family is required to provide one adult volunteer for the equivalent of one session on each day of the swim meet for which they have one or more swimmers registered.

·      A penalty of $25 will be applied to the account of the swimmer(s) per session where the appropriate number of volunteers is not provided. The volunteer must be registered for their commitment through the club website by the stated deadline. The penalty will be stated as part of the event description.

·      Volunteers must be a minimum of 16-years old. Volunteers do not have to be members of the family. Children less than 16 years of age are welcome to volunteer but do not fulfill the requirement of an adult volunteer.

·      Volunteers will be assigned roles by the Volunteer Coordinator. Roles will be assigned based on the experience of the volunteer. Volunteers will be assigned to different roles in order to develop the knowledge and experience of our volunteer pool. You may be assigned multiple roles in a single session. (i.e. meet heat sheet sales and timing, or timing and ribbons etc.)

·      To sign up, click the Job Sign Up icon.  There will be 4 sessions over the three-day meet.

KISU October Jamboree:  Oct 20th

This will be our first Home Jamboree of the season.  It will follow after the conclusion of the Pentathlon. 

Please see meet info below for more information.

Session Time:     Sunday October 20, 2019

                           Warm Up: 1:30-2:05 pm

                           Start: 2:15 pm

                           Projected Finish: 6pm

Cost:                   $20 per swimmer with volunteer commitment

Meet Format:

  • All events will be run as mixed gender and open seeded.
  • Results will be separated by gender and age groups (as shown in “Eligibility”).
  • All events will be timed finals.
  • Swimmers having no times will be placed in the slowest heat.

Volunteers are needed to run this meet.  Please sign up via the ‘Job Sign up’ tab on the home page. Job Sign up Deadline: Friday October 11th


KISU AGM (and October team practice, yes in November…): 

When: Friday November 1st, 4:30-5:30

Where: Penticton Community Centre Meeting Room 7 upstairs

Please remember that this meeting is for ALL club members, mini squad parents through to Academy.We encourage everyone to attend, as our attendance is recorded in our gaming grant reports and affects the decisions for how much grant money the club receives each year.

Our goal is to be finished by the time swimmers are out of their practice.

Positions up for nomination this Season:


3 Member at Large positions


Vernon Fall Invitational:  Nov 1-3, 2019 Registration Deadline: October 18th

Vernon Swim Meet - Location - 3310-37 Ave, Vernon

Coach's Editorial - this is a great early season meet.  Based on last year's meet info. it is our first opportunity to race heats and finals on the Saturday which often brings out some great swims (no race suits allowed).  It would be great to have a large KISU contingent out.

Consider coming out for only one day. 

Based on last year's MEET INFO. - The Friday hosts a couple of 50m events and the 800 Free.  We don't get many chances to swim the 800 so this is a great day to attend.  The Saturday is the most exciting day as it has heats and finals.  This is the first H/F event of our season and is always super exciting.  Consider coming up for just the Saturday.

Warm ups - Friday 5pm, Saturday morning 7:30 am (heats), afternoon - 4:30pm (finals), Sunday 7:30am.


  • Friday - 50 Back, 50 Brst and 800 Free.
  • Saturday - 100 Fly, 200 Back, 100 brst, 50 Free and 200 IM. Heats and finals.
  • Sunday - 200 Free, 50 Fly, 100 Back, 200 Brst, 100 Free.

Meet fees - $8/event.


Vernon Fall Jamboree:  November 3rd  Registration Deadline: October 18th

This is the second regional jamboree of the season.  Jamborees are for novice swimmers who have not yet gone faster than 4 minutes for their 200IM.  It is considered a developmental meet, and lasts only 4 hours.

Location - 3310-37 Ave., Vernon

Based on last year's meet information -

Start time 1:30pm. Estimated finish at 6pm.

 Coaches will decide on events.  More details will be posted in the meet information below when they become available.

This is a great local meet for our Jamboree swimmers.  We hope to see a large contingent of KISU Jamboree swimmers out for the Vernon Meet.


Kamloops MJB Law Classic Team Travel:  Sign up deadline Nov 1st

Dec 12th-15th only 34 spots available!

There is separate sign up for meet entries.  Please sign up for both.

KISU is encouraging all of our swimmers who qualify for the Kamloops Ice Classic to participate in Team Travel!  Team Travel is a great experience for ALL swimmers.  It is a great way for kids to get to know each other better, practice independence (while under the care of a chaperone and coaches) and come together as a TEAM.  Once experienced, it speaks for itself!

Cost is will be determined once we know numbers (approx $250 per swimmer). Includes travel, accommodation, food and fun!   We will be travelling via bus, leaving on Thursday after school and returning Sunday after the meet.  Meals are provided (chaperones will be cooking up a frenzy!), and we will be staying at a hotel-The Best Western.

Swimmers in grade 5 or younger will need to travel with and bunk with a parent. 

Swimmers going on "full" team travel (ie: travel both directions, and all nights with the team) will have first priority.  Swimmers who are wanting to travel one way and stay only one or two nights will be accommodated whenever possible.

Parents who wish to accompany the team as chaperones are encouraged to contact Amy Wall (


Parent Article:

Swim Parents: Your Stress and Expectations are Contagious

By Olivier Poirier-Leroy

As a swim parent who wants the best for their little swammer you know that it can be very difficult walking the fine line between being too involved and being too aloof with your kiddo’s performance.

For young swimmers who are get particularly excited or over-anxious it is helpful to understand that part of the reason they are feeling this way has to do with how anxious the parents are before competition.

As it turns out, the stress and anxiety we feel about our swimmer’s performance trickles down into how stressed and anxious they are.

Research performed at Ithaca College sought out to see just how much of an effect there was. The researchers worked with a group of youth athletes, ranging from 6 to 18, in a few different individual sports, including swimming.

The day before a big competition the athletes and the parents were both given questionnaires to see how both expected the athlete to perform, and how they were feeling in regards to the upcoming meet.

If you have been around these parts, and read through either this guide on swim parenting or this research on the mindsets of elite athletes, the results won’t be too surprising:

·       Athletes who were the most stressed out and anxious (with anxiety measured in terms of worry, physical symptoms—tense muscles, and concentration disruption) had parents who really wanted their kid to beat the competition, or “to not lose to others.”

·       The age groupers experienced concentration disruption the most when their parents were more interested in seeing the athlete out-perform the competition compared to achieving a personal best.

Winning might be everything—as the quote goes, but the expectation of it doesn’t help athletes get any closer to achieving it. Focusing exclusively on winning creates an environment where the young swimmer is physically less likely to make it happen.

“You might think that’s a really positive thing for the child, but that’s creating a lot of worry [for the kid] as well. I don’t think parents are necessarily thinking about that kind of thing,” says Miranda Kaye, study co-author and professor in the Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences at Ithaca College.


Swim parenting is no joke—you don’t need me to tell you that. Between fundraising, the costs of a full season of training, driving to early morning workouts, marathon swim meets, dealing with injuries (ahem– swimmer’s shoulder), it can be tempting to begin to feel like the seemingly never-ending sacrifice should be considered an investment.

As a result you might feel yourself putting more emphasis on winning in order to see a return.

But if you want the best for your child, the research continues to show that a relaxed, hands-off, let-the-kid-own-the-sport is best for creating an environment where they will not only have more fun, but also excel both in the short and long term.


Volunteer Opportunities:

We are looking for volunteers to fill the key positions below for the upcoming season:

Travel Manager:Takes care of Coach accommodation bookings as well as team travel arrangement for the season.

If you are interested in taking on any of the above positions, please contact Lisa at




Do you need some new KISU gear?  Contact our equipment manager Simone Peters at to order swimsuits, caps, goggles and flip flops!  Looking for other items, visit the Team Aquatic Website at and enter the discount code ‘KIS395’ at checkout to receive the team discount. Or present a copy of the shark card at retail stores.

2019/20 Sharkcard



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