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“Know, first, who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly.”



Sponsorship and Fundraising:


Albatross Mega Swim:

KISU Annual Fundraiser THE ALBATROSS MEGASWIM - is live and available to accept donations.

Last Week of Fundraising for the Albatross Mega Swim!  Everyone who raises a minimum of $100 gets an Albatross Cap and their name in for draw prizes. We have a pair of fins, arena towels, a parka some other arena products, gift cards!!

Keep the fundraising going we are half way to our goal of $10,000.

After the event we will have a pizza party in meeting room 4 from 6-7:30 Friday Nov 29 (sign up on the webpage so we have an idea of numbers)


Cobbs Bread Fundraiser:

Fundraising is easy! Simply mention your club during your transaction at our bakery when you make any purchase. We’re donating 5% of every purchase to KISU Swim Club. 

The transactions will be electronically recorded and at the conclusion of the promotion we will know exactly the amount to be donated back to your club. 

Additional promotions may be conducted throughout the year and may include: e.g. a Hot Cross Bunraiser when $2 from every 6-pack sold will be donated to your club when purchased. 

The donation to KISU will be presented at the conclusion of the year. Please note that a minimum of $25.00 raised is required to receive a cheque and funds cannot be carried forward to the next year. Running totals can be provided to your organisation to let you know how much you are contributing back to KISU. 

We at COBS Bread are extremely excited about supporting KISU Swim Club and wish you every success with this fundraising effort. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at or contact your club manager. 


Coach highlights from this past weekend:

KISU Mini Meet:

Outstanding swims from KISU this weekend at all levels. Our Mini Meet was a huge hit with the largest number of swimmers out ever. Thanks to all the parents and officials and coaches who helped make it such a huge success!

KAJ Fall Invitational:

The KAJ Main Meet had so many spectacular results I don’t know where to start. I’m so proud of all the swimmers who dug in deep for Distance week and then bravely stood on the blocks to race this weekend. I was blown away by how MANY best times there were. Our Best Times Poster (thanks Acacia Benn) was filled after only Saturday. Well done everyone. 

Juniors, Super Juniors and Intermediates swam countless best times and some new qualifying were times made. 
Congratulations to Violet Gilman for making her age group time in the 200 fly.

Age Group swimmers were on fire at The Kelowna Fall Invitational meet this weekend. 17 swimmers had 92 Personal Best times. Ryan and Leland had nine each PB’s and Hercules had 8 PB’s. Aisha got her “A” time in 200 and 400 free, this qualifies her to compete in Kamloops next month. Hannah took 4 Gold place finishes in 100 Fly, 100 + 200 Back and 400 free, she placed 2nd in 200 free and 200 fly. Evan Stirling got his Age Group time in 200 IM, 2:45.48. He also swam 28.93 in the last leg MR, 50 free. Go KISU Go!!!

KAJ Fall Jamboree:

The Jamboree had many best times, including two more sub 4 200IM swimmers. Welcome to Main meets Olivia Evans and Sean Cribb!


Upcoming Meets and Events:

KISU Masters Meet:  Dec 7th

KISU will be hosting a Master’s Meet . . . The ALL Events Meet.

Saturday, Dec. 7, 3pm Warm Ups, estimated finish at 7pm.  

Registration will be online through Masters BC.  $50 Flat fee.  Limit 6 events.

Meet information will be posted below when it is sanctioned as well as online at the BC Masters Swimming website.


Summerland December Jamboree: Dec 8th

This is the final Jamboree of 2019.

Based on last year's information -

Location - Summerland Aquatic Centre.

Warm up 1;10-1:30pm.  Meet starts at 1:40pm.

Events - limit of six individual swims.  Swimmers limited to 100 OR 200IM, but not both.

Cost - $30 flat fee.

More information will be in the meet package below when it becomes available.


Kamloops Classic Championship:  Dec 13-15th Registration Deadline Nov 25th

This is our first Championship meet of the year.  It is a BIG deal and a great test to see where things are at.  Swimmers need an A time to qualify based on the previous Swim BC A times.  We are changing the qualifying standard for our 12&U.  They will need to be sub4 and have competed in at least three regional meets.  There is an option of Team Travel (please sign up for Team Travel in addition).  This is our first BIG meet of the season with teams from outside of our region and province.  Heat and Finals, team travel (kids who are in grade 5 or younger need to be accompanied by a parent) - if your swimmer qualifies, you should plan to send them to this meet!  It's a GREAT experience and often a highlight of the season!

Location 910 McGill Rd.

Based on last year's meet information -

Warm Ups - Friday/Saturday and Sunday Preliminary Heats 7:30, Friday and Saturday finals 4pm, Sunday finals 3pm.

Cost - $8.50/event, plus the $4.50 Swim BC Splash fee and $5 facility fee, the club will cover relays.

Events - max of 8 events per swimmers.  Entry numbers may be limited for 200 stroke events.  Top 24 overall accepted for 800/1500, top 24 for 400 Free and 400 IM per age group.  All 10&U events are timed finals in the morning session.


December Team Practice:  December 20th

Age Group, Intermediates and Swim Academy: 3:30-5:30

Mini Squad, Juniors, Super Juniors: 4:00-5:30.

Please note - We will not be hosting a Christmas party this year as everyone seems frazzled by this time in the past.  Instead, we will be having a tubing party after the crazy holiday season has subsided a little.


Okanagan Regional Championships Salmon Arm Feb 28th- March 1st:

There is a room block booked at the Comfort Inn Salmon Arm from Feb 28th- March 1st. Rooms include 2 queen beds rate $109 per night plus taxes. Rate includes 2 adults and 2 children. Additional charge of $10 per night for extra adults.

Rooms have a fridge, microwave, coffee maker, blow dryer, flat screen TV and free wifi.

Hot and Cold buffet breakfast included from 6:30-10:00am

Call the hotel directly to book 1-250-832-7711 and quote KISU swim Club to book. Room block will be held until Jan 27th.


Parent Article:

Living a Balanced Swim Life - Part 1

By Will Jonathan//Contributor  

It was Allison Schmitt, an 8-time Olympic medalist for Team USA, who said a very important swim-quote that I think all swimmers need to really listen to and absorb. She said: 

“Swimming is such a small part of life. Yes, I love it. But at the end of the day, it’s just a sport. Whether you finish first or last, you’re still loved by the same people, and you still are who you are.”

A perspective like this isn’t always very-well accepted within competitive sport, even swimming. The common perception is that, to be successful in something, one must treat the sport as if it were their very existence—the sole reason they wake up each day and the absolute most important thing in their life. It has to be an obsessive passion. While having a passion for swimming is certainly an important, and even necessary, ingredient to excel at it and do well, even too much passion is a bad thing. 

Psychologically, there are two different forms of passion. And, these two different forms of passion comprise what is called The Dualistic Model of Passion. Let’s take a look at these two different forms of passion, and we’ll start with the first one: 

Obsessive Passion – When your passion for swimming becomes all-consuming. You have difficulty pulling yourself away from the sport, and your identity as a person is tied to your swimming. It is fueled by external motivators and an unhealthy desire for external success/material success. 

Scientific research on the effects of obsessive passion are well-documented and thoroughly studied, and have yielded the following results: 

  • Tying your sense of validation and self-worth to the results of your swimming. 
  • Becoming more passionate about the results of your swimming rather than the pleasure and fulfillment of swimming itself. 
  • Developing an extremely harsh and debilitating self-criticism towards yourself and your swimming. 
  • Failures & setbacks are seen as personal attacks against you rather than simply obstacles to overcome. 
  • An unhealthy, never-satisfied attitude for more; more medals, more records, and more validation. 
  • A far-greater tendency to consider cheating or other forms of unethical behavior in order to attain external success, no matter the cost. 

Obsessive Passion is passion taken too far, and it can lead to these kinds of negative side-effects that breed an extremely unhealthy mindset and will inevitably lead a swimmer down the path to physical and mental burnout and walking away from the sport. 

However, as I mentioned previously, passion is still a necessary ingredient for performing well and succeeding. So, how does one have a passion for swimming, while at the same time, not allow that passion to devolve into something that’s all-consuming? By cultivating what is called Harmonious Passion

Harmonious Passion – When your passion for swimming is in a healthy, balanced state. You’re able to disconnect yourself from the sport when necessary and your identity/self-worth as a human being isn’t tied to your swimming. It is driven by internal motivators and healthy desire for both external success and internal fulfillment. 

Just like with Obsessive Passion, the effects of Harmonious Passion are thoroughly studied and well-documented, and yield the following results: 

  • You become more interested in the joy and satisfaction the activity of swimming itself gives you rather than the external rewards it can give you. 
  • You increase your overall levels of happiness, health, and overall life satisfaction. 
  • You’re much more likely to continue in the sport over a prolonged period of time and are far less likely of experiencing physical or mental burnout. 
  • You experience greater internal fulfillment from your growth and improvement as a swimmer. 
  • You’re able to voluntarily pull yourself away from swimming when necessary and have a life outside of swimming. 
  • Your sense of self-worth and personal validation is not tied to the results, rewards, outcomes, or goals you achieve or don’t achieve in swimming. 

THIS is the kind of passion you want to have as a swimmer – the kind of passion that gives you the emotional drive and commitment to perform and succeed, while at the same time, providing the mental and physical balance you need to maintain a healthy, happy mindset and not burn yourself out. 

How do you obtain this mindset? That’s a topic for tomorrow’s article.

Will Jonathan is a sports mental coach with an extensive amount of experience working directly with swimmers and swim programs. His clients include Age-Group National Champions, NCAA All-Americans, Senior-Level International Swimmers, and Olympic Swimmers, as well as having worked with various NCAA Division 1 nationally-ranked swim programs such as Florida State University. He gives talks and presentations on the mental aspects of swimming to swim programs all over the country, and is the author of the book “The Swimmer’s Mind: Mastering The Mental Side Of Swimming” which can be found at both Amazon and  Barnes & Noble online. 




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