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“Courage is grace under pressure.”

-Ernest Hemingway


KISU Photos:

We have a new email address set up in which you can send in swimmer/team/meet photos throughout the season, for submission to the annual yearbook.  If available, please include the name of the swimmer(s)/meet with the photos.


Upcoming Meets and Events:


Parent Meetings:  January 8th

When: 4:30-5:30

Where: Meeting room 2 upstairs in the Community Centre.

Coach Tina will run through the upcoming meets and events for the rest of the season as well as presentation by world record holder and recent inductee into Canada’s Sport Hall of Fame-Vicki Keith.


Tubing at Apex:  January 10thRegistration Deadline Jan 8th

Practice is cancelled for all groups except academy.

When: 4:30-6:30

Where: At the Apex tube park beside the magic carpet

Cost: $15 includes, tube pass, hot dog and hot chocolate.


KAJ Snowfest: January 17-19th:  

Meet package is available on the website for more info.


January Mini Meet: January 18th 7:30-9:00, Registration Deadline Jan 16th

-Racing! Ribbons! Muffins! KISU Mini Squad and Junior swimmers are invited to come out and swim at our third Mini Meet of the season! This is a great introduction to what it will be like at swim meets. Everyone will swim either 25m or 50m of each stroke and will earn a nice handful of ribbons.  At the end swimmers will get a delicious muffin, juice box and fruit.  Hope to see you all there!

Cost: $5

Registration Deadline: Thursday January 16th.

Parents!  Don't forget to sign up to volunteer as a timer or starter!


KISU goes to the Vees game:  Jan 24th Registration Deadline Jan 20th

KISU is going to the Vees game against the Merritt Centennials.  

We will meet outside the SOEC at 6:30 for a 7:00 game.  All tickets must be purchased in advance if you want to sit with our group. 

Event registration is set up online.  Swimmers are free but will still be required to register for their ticket.  Adults are $10.  Payment will be charged at registration.  Please select the current roster group for you swimmer when prompted.

Firm deadline of Jan 20th.  No late ticket orders accepted. Please contact Amy at with any questions.


KISU January Jamboree: January 26th Registration Deadline TODAY!!

This is our first Jamboree of 2020.  We would love to have full KISU attendance.

Based on last year's meet -

Warm ups 12-12:35pm

Start time: 12:45pm  Approx finish time: 4:30pm

Maximum of 5 individual events per swimmer.

This is a development meet for swimmers who have not yet met the 4:00 time standard for the 200 IM. 

Fee: $20 per KISU swimmer with volunteer commitment

Volunteer Sign up is on the website.


KAJ February Jamboree:  February 8th, Registration Deadline Jan 20th

Location - H2O, 4075 Gordon Dr, Kelowna.

Based on last year's meet information -

Warm up 1-1:40pm.  Meet starts at 1:50pm.

Events - limit of five individual swims.  Swimmers limited to 100 OR 200IM, but not both.  

Cost - $30 flat fee.

More information will be posted in the meet package below when it becomes available.


Okanagan Regional Championships Salmon Arm Feb 28th- March 1st:

There is a room block booked at the Comfort Inn Salmon Arm from Feb 28th- March 1st. Rooms include 2 queen beds rate $109 per night plus taxes. Rate includes 2 adults and 2 children. Additional charge of $10 per night for extra adults.

Rooms have a fridge, microwave, coffee maker, blow dryer, flat screen TV and free wifi.

Hot and Cold buffet breakfast included from 6:30-10:00am

Call the hotel directly to book 1-250-832-7711 and quote KISU swim Club to book. Room block will be held until Jan 27th.


Parent Article:

12 Things You Learn Becoming a Swim Parent

By Olivier Poirier-Leroy 

The swimmer and swim parent lifestyle is no joke. 

Week-long competitions, full days at the pool, and a season that never truly ends. 

From fashion to lingo being a swim parent is just as much about adopting the world of swimming as your kid. 

Here are 12 of the things you learn on your way to becoming a swim parent: 

1. The world is more than 2/3’s covered with water. Otherwise how to explain the never-ending pile of damp towels? The wet suits hanging off every door in the house? The soggy butt marks on the car seat, the couch, and even on the dog? Your whole world is wet. All. The. Time. 

2. If you close your eyes for just a few moments you miss your kid’s race. Only swim parents can understand the frustration of going to a day-long swim meet and missing the only :30 seconds your swimmer actually competed. 

3. You learn a whole new language. “Heat sheets” aren’t a term for blankets. “DFL” isn’t a runaway football league. And you know that touching with two hands and not picking your head up at the finish is very important. 

4. Your grocery bills explode. It’s shocking how much food kids can rabidly throw back. Which makes sense—they are growing and need the food things to help sustain growth. But throw in two-a-day distance workouts, plus the hyper-activity that comes with being a kid, and you find that Costco visits are becoming appallingly frequent. 

5. The smell of Chlorine No. 5 is mostly dead to you. Everyone has a signature scent that they wear or develop that they barely notice it themselves. For swimmers and their parents, it’s Chlorine No. 5. Fashionable in all seasons, it’s the scent that never goes out of style. 

6. Getting up super early in the AM never gets easier. Some things you learn to accept in adulthood. Things like responsibility. Capitalizing letters. Eating your vegetables. But getting up at 4:45am to pull car-pool duty? Never gets easier. 

7. Swimming is more complicated than it looks. The assumption is that swimming is a simple sport. Put on a bathing suit, swim to the other side of the pool as fast as you can. Boom. Done. But there is a ton of stuff going on behind the scenes, from the legions of officials, to the very technical aspects of technique and form. 

8. There will always be that one parent who rules the timing booth. The timing systems at local pools can be fickle. Every once in a while, along comes a parent who can “whisper” the glitch timing system. When you find this parent never let them go. Ever. 

9. You get into the “swimming is a real sport!” argument with non-swimmer parents. When The Joneses kids don’t swim, and they give you a raised eyebrow and ask if “swimming is even a real sport,” it ignites a deep, incensed reaction. If only they saw the daily struggle. 

10. You’ll wear many hats. From cheerleader, to pump-up artist, to shoulder to cry on, to everything in between, your little athlete will lean on you for support between races and practices. All they ask from you is that you are there for them on the days where they swim great, and the days where they swim not-so-great. 

11. You know where to buy white pants after Labor Day. During meets where you strap on your official cap you know that this means getting decked out head to toe in white clothing. It’s a good thing you know the only store in town that still sells white pants during the winter. And you know which ones will dry fastest from all the flip-turn splash you are going to get on them. 

12. The sport wouldn’t exist without you. Medals aren’t handed out for putting on a swim meet. Or volunteering for the whole meet when your own kid only swam one day. But there should be. Swimming, and the joys and fun and pains and dampness that comes along with it wouldn’t be possible without you. 

So, thank you.



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