Kisu Newsletter - November 3, 2022

KISU Administrator

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First of all, thanks to everyone who came out to the AGM last Saturday - it may seem inconsequential, but it’s vital to the health of an organization such as ours to have an engaged and informed membership.


And special thanks to the following people who have stepped forward to serve on the board for the coming season.

  • Erin Price (returning)
  • Heather Glynes (returning)
  • Tiffany King (returning)
  • Shannon MacIntosh (returning)
  • Pam Rutten (returning)
  • Rod Ferguson (new)
  • Chris Hawkins (new)
  • Amy Kinnear (new)
  • Katrin Scott (new)
  • Carla Seddon (new)


Volunteer Positions

While those members are serving on the board and taking on some of the tasks inherent to that position, there are a number of other roles in the club that require volunteers to fill them.


I’ll include a brief overview of each role here, but for more information you would probably be best-advised to contact Tina.

  • Equipment Manager: Order and distribute the team equipment (suits, goggles, fins, apparel, etc.)
  • Travel Manager: Coordinate with coaching staff to make their accommodations bookings for away meets as well as helping to organize Team Travel logistics.
  • Public Relations: Get information about the club’s activities, events, and results out to the general public - social media (if anyone figures out how to promote the swim club via a TikTok [is that what they’re called?] let me know) as well as more traditional media 
  • Social Events: Make arrangements with venues to facilitate our social events like the Mini-squad celebration, year-end celebration, welcome BBQ, and similar events

Quick FAQs:

Do you need to be an expert in anything to take on one of these?

Absolutely not. I mean, look at me, I can barely keep dates straight and I still manage to figure out the gig.


How much time will it take?

Best to ask the person who did it in the past - contact Tina or Erin (President and Equipment Manager). 


I’m kinda/sorta interested, but wouldn't know where ot start and maybe it's too much to do on my own. 

Just like when I started in this Admin role, I knew a little about a little….and with the help of the past Admin, was able to get up to speed on what needed to be done how and when and where. 


Same thing with these roles. Don’t think you’ll be thrown a box of swimsuits and told “figure it out”. The people who have filled these roles in the past are generally more than willing to help you figure things out, get you up and running, and be available to help if you get lost.

e.g., I was chatting with Simone Peters at the Triple Pentathlon and she mentioned that she did Equipment Manager in the past and really enjoyed it.  She’s more than willing to be a resource to help whoever might step into the role. 



November 10 Pro-D Day

Another Pro-D day coming up next Thursday. All swimmers (including Mini-squad) are welcome to sign up to get some direct one-on-one mentor/teaching from Academy swimmers.  This is such a great avenue for all of our swimmers to really experience how this club is bigger than just them and their group, as well as getting to know the other members and forge new friendships.



App of the Month

You can have your TikToks and Instas and Snaps and whatever, but "personal tech"for me  is still using my trusty Mac. And by far, the app that's been the biggest game-changer for me in recent years has been a clipboard manager. There are a lot of them out there, but the one I've settled on is Paste

What's a clpboard manager? Basically, it "remembers" everything you've ever copied (COMMAND+C on a Mac). So, whether it's a screenshot, a bunch of text, a long URL, instead of going back to wherever it was that you found it, you just invoke a keyboard short cut and get anything that you've copied in the last day/week/month (however long you want that memory to be). 


If you use a clipboard manager, you're smiling and nodding; if you don't, give it a try - I think you'll like it.