Kisu Newsletter - November 9, 2022

KISU Administrator

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First, a service notice:  We’re going to be switching our domain registration service (from one I’ve never heard of to one that has actual real support humans) this weekend. Plan to get it done late Saturday night so everything should be back to normal by Sunday. 

But if you have any issues with the website or email (which will all remain the same addresses and functionality) on Sunday morning, it’s probably just taking some extra time for the name servers to resolve.

(He says….confidently...optimistically....hopefully....foolishly...?.)



Volunteer Positions

That’s right - we’re gonna keep playing the hits until we get people to stop forward to at least enquire about these volunteer positions.

If any of these looks interesting, sounds interesting, or even “hmmm…I could probably do that”, send Tina a quick message.

  • Equipment Manager: Order and distribute the team equipment (suits, goggles, fins, apparel, etc.)
  • Travel Manager: Coordinate with coaching staff to make their accommodations bookings for away meets as well as helping to organize Team Travel logistics.
  • Public Relations: Get information about the club’s activities, events, and results out to the general public - social media (if anyone figures out how to promote the swim club via a TikTok [is that what they’re called?] let me know) as well as more traditional media
  • Social Events: Make arrangements with venues to facilitate our social events like the Mini-squad celebration, year-end celebration, welcome BBQ, and similar events

Quick Review:

Special skills needed? 

Nope. Just a willingness to do some tasks. 


How much time commitment? 

Best to ask the person who did it in the past - contact Tina or Erin (President and Equipment Manager). 


I wouldn’t have a clue where/how to start

Don’t think you’ll be thrown a box of swimsuits and told “figure it out”. The people who have filled these roles in the past are generally more than willing to help you figure things out, get you up and running, and be available to help if you get lost.



November 10 Pro-D Day

Yep - tomorrow’s a Pro-D day, so no school!

And a number of the older swimmers in Academy and Age Group have volunteered to run some special tutoring for the rest of the swimmers in the club. Mini-squad swimmers: You're more than welcome to come out!

Last chance to sign up right now on the EVENTS section of the website (or you might even just show up - 8-10am - they can probably squeeze you in.)



Remembrance Day - No swimming

As with all stat holidays, the pool is closed on Friday in observance of Remembrance Day. 

Therefore, no swimming for any groups.



Albatross Megaswim - November 25 & 26

This is a great social function for the entire club, in addition to being a major fundraiser.

Details on the nuts-and-bolts swimming portion are here.


Details on the fundraising aspect here.


With this as well from Erin, our Club President:  

Fundraising is up on the KISU website to start your fundraising goals. For every $100.00 raised you will receive a ticket into the draw for many prizes along with the grand prize of the Arena Parka embroidered just for you.

This year there are many changes to the Albatross so please make sure you read the material so you understand the details.

Erin Price sent out an email (linked above) earlier to outline all the details for this year's Albatross.


If you did not receive the email please let her know at [email protected] There are also multiple sign ups on the KISU website for allergy restrictions, volunteer help and signing up your families so we know how many will be attending.

Please check out all these sign ups.


And after the swim on Saturday morning, everyone is encouraged / invited to enjoy a group breakfast


Update on Swimsuits

The update on swimsuits is that….unfortunately, there is really nothing to update at this time. 

We’re still waiting on them, and believe me, we - along with our supplier - are at least as frustrated as you are.


Your continued patience as we await their delivery is greatly appreciated.


Cobb’s Bread

If you picking out some yummy treats at Cobbs bread please let them know you’re with KISU and a percentage of your purchase will be donated to KISU Swim Club.

Good eats. PLUS some of what you’re paying comes back to the club….that’s whatcha call a win-win!