Kisu Newsletter - November 16, 2022

KISU Administrator

Big thanks again to HLW Chartered Professional Accountants for sponsoring the newsletter this past month. 

If you have accounting needs, they’ve got you covered.

Phone: 1-250-492-8821
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And if you have a product or service or business you'd like to promote to our above-average in every respect membership, shoot me a note and we can work something out.


Quick update this week with just a few reminders.


Albatross Mega-Swim

Just over two weeks away! This will probably be our largest fundraiser of the year, so we hope that everyone is able to participate and be part of the event. 

Age Group and Academy do their “mega-swim”’ on Friday afternoon as the culmination of their “Distance Week”; Junior, SuperJunior, Intermediate go on Saturday morning, with both of these having group chow-downs afterwards (please be sure to sign up on the events list for the pizza (Friday) or breakfast (Saturday)).


Mini-squad during their regular practice time in the Nov.21-24 week.

For every $100.00 raised you will receive a ticket into the draw for many prizes along with the grand prize of the Arena Parka embroidered just for you.

And anything above your minimum obligation can go towards the other fundraising commitment for the year.

All the details here.



Monthly Zoom Meeting 

Just to get ahead of it a bit, this is just a reminder that the monthly end-of-month Zoom meeting for every one (at which we announce Swimmers of the Month) is on November 30. 




Volunteer Positions

We had a couple people express interest this past week, but we’re still looking for a few more to help out with the following positions:
(And if any of these looks interesting, sounds interesting, or even “hmmm…I could probably do that”, send Tina a quick message.)

  • Travel Manager: Coordinate with coaching staff to make their accommodations bookings for away meets as well as helping to organize Team Travel logistics.
  • Public Relations: Get information about the club’s activities, events, and results out to the general public - social media (if anyone figures out how to promote the swim club via a TikTok [is that what they’re called?] let me know) as well as more traditional media
  • Social Events: Make arrangements with venues to facilitate our social events like the Mini-squad celebration, year-end celebration, welcome BBQ, and similar events


Quick Review:

Special skills needed? 

Nope. Just a willingness to do some tasks. 


How much time commitment? 

Contact Tina or Erin (President) for more details; they'll probably have as good idea as anyone.


I wouldn’t have a clue where/how to start

Don’t think you’ll be thrown a box of swimsuits and told “figure it out”. The people who have filled these roles in the past are generally more than willing to help you figure things out, get you up and running, and be available to help if you get lost.