Kisu Newsletter - November 23, 2022

KISU Administrator

In the newsletter this week:

  • Albatross Megaswim 
  • Meet results
  • Monthly Zoom (everyone invited)
  • Practice changes
  • ISO: GoPro
  • Nurturing Resilience - presentation for parents 

Albatross Megaswim

We're in the closing stretch of our first major fundraiser of the season.  There's a link are on the front page of the website to share to collect donations.

On the plus side, the soft target of $10,000 has already been reached as you can see on that home page banner; on the flip side, though, just under 40% of the membership has participated in gathering donations to this point. 

Just to review: The board decided to make Megaswim have a minimum financial commitment from all members in an effort to keep this season's fee increases as minimal as possible this season - well below the rate of inflation.


Quoting from one of the earlier communications:

The minimum mandatory fundraising for the Albatross Megaswim is $50 for the Mini Squad, $100 for Juniors and up.   

As you may have noticed with the rising cost of living, the expenses in running our club have increased similarly.  

We as the board are doing our best to keep your monthly swim fees as low as possible, so we decided last season to introduce a mandatory fundraising commitment instead of raising our club fees by over 14%, which would have been necessary to meet our budget.

This mandatory fundraising is included in the income portion of our budget which pays for all the bills the club incurs, such as coaches’ salaries, pool rental, travel expenses, athlete support, and so much more.      


This mandatory fee is not an option.  Any fees not raised will be added to your monthly bill following Albatross.    


You can use our online donation tool or collect cash and cheques. Please find the cash/cheque donation form here.     

**When entering cash/cheque donations on to your swimmer's fundraising account, please total all cash/cheque donations and enter as a single donation entry. All offline donations will be verified once received by KISU.     


(Note that there will be other fundraising events through the year, exact details to be communicated later, but there's an overview of commitments here.)



Meet Results

Congratulations to the Pen High Girls, who WON!! the Provincial High School Swimming Championships in Richmond last weekend. It was a narrow, come-from-behind victory with each member of the team (almost exclusively Kisu swimmers) contributing to the win.  And with the help of the male contingent, Pen High had the highest combined scoring at the meet, too!  Well-done to all involved!

And also last weekend, we had a number of swimmers at the Kelowna Aquajets Fall meet.


Monthly “Team Practice” (Mini-squad only)

With the Albatross Megaswim going on Saturday morning, this month’s “Team Practice” will still happen, but it’ll be Mini-squad only: 9:00 - 10:00am


Monthly Zoom Meeeting

Just a reminder that next Wednesday is the final Wednesday of the month, and with that is the monthly Zoom meeting for the entire club at 7:00pm. Important updates and reminders, as well as Swimmer of the Month announcements. 


December 10 - no practice

With a good portion of the team away at the Kamloops meet that weekend, Saturday morning practice will be canceled. 



Got a GoPro…?

Our GoPro, which is used extensively for underwater stroke analysis….well, the “go” part is gone.

If you’ve got a GoPro that’s sitting in a drawer looking for a new home….shoot a message to Tina.  



Nurturing Resilience in Developing Athletes - encore presentation

After delivering this presentation on the Sunday morning of the Triple Pentathlon, a number of people let me know that they wished they or their spouse could have made it, but they had duties at the meet or were otherwise unavailable. 


I’m going to be going to the Kamloops meet with the team, and so we’ve booked a room on Tuesday, December 6, 6:30pm to do the presentation again. 

All parents, as well as any other interested individuals, are welcome to attend. I hope you can make it.