It has been said many times before that lack of good communication results in misunderstandings and hard feelings. We attempt to overcome these kinds of problems by the following steps:

Electronic – KISU communicates through email, and our online membership system is email based.  If you do not have an email address, or access to a computer, please make arrangements with the Club Administrator to use the Club computer during office hours.

Direct Communication - We encourage face-to-face discussions with your child's coach in regards to his or her swimming ability, progress and development. If you have concerns about your swimmer's performance or progress, please discuss them directly with the child's coach. This is the best way for communications to take place and for both you and the coach to understand each other’s concern.  Please contact the coach at the end of a practice if you wish to speak with him or her. The coaches are more than willing to discuss these matters with parent.  DO NOT go on deck to talk with the coach while they are coaching a session.

Website - Please make it a habit to visit our website regularly.  Notices regarding upcoming events, practice changes, swim meet permission, and club news will be posted to the site!  You will also be able to find the most recent Club News email in the NEWS section.

Any additional questions or concerns, please call the KISU line, Tina Hoeben at 250 486 4286 or [email protected], or the Club Administrator at [email protected]