Never discuss a problem about an athlete, coach or parent with another athlete, coach or parent.  If an athlete or parent has a problem, he should see his/her coach to resolve the problem.  If the problem cannot be resolved, then the Head Coach or head developmental coach should be asked to be involved.  If the Head Coach cannot resolve the concern, then the Executive should be notified.  The Executive will then study the matter and make recommendations for a successful conclusion.

If your swimmer is asked to leave the pool deck for misconduct, the Coach will provide a disciplinary notice to the child to be signed by a parent before the swimmer can attend another practice.

The KISU Swim Club, as a member of Swim BC adheres to the following policies as outlined in the Swim BC Tech Guide, and Swim BC Swim Guide:

Swim BC Harassment Policy

Swim BC Discipline Policy

Swim BC Personal Privacy Protection Policy

Swim BC Conflict of Interest Policy

Swim BC Conflict Resolution Policy

Any family wishing further information on these policies can find them on the Swim BC website (, or by asking the Club Administrator.