In order to host sanctioned swim meets, KISU must have qualified Officials. The governing body for swimming officials in BC is the BCSOA (BC Swim Officials Association).  Officiating provides opportunity for parents to learn more about the sport along with their children.  It is expected that parents participate in officials training and be prepared to help out not onl at our home meets, but to help out at other regional meets if need be. Once you begin your officials training, your will be registered with BCSOA and will be able to take clinics both online and locally to allow you to progress through the various levels. Updating your certification is required so that you can fulfill your obligation to participate as a meet official.

Level One:  No experience necessary! Parents can volunteer as timers and/or marshalls and receive “on-the-job” training.

Level Two:  Learning Stroke and Turn, operation of timing equipment and computer programs, acting as Starter, Meet Manager, or Chief Timer, are all jobs that can be done by a Level two official.

Level Three:   Successful completion of all of the positions of a Level Two official qualifies someone for a Level Three official.

Level Four:  Must be a certified Level 3 official and take the Referee clinic, and then have an opportunity to be supervised by a senior official in your role as a referee.

Upcoming Officials Clinics will be advertised on the website.  One of the KISU Board Members is a Director of Officials who will be responsible for coordinating clinics and training.

For more information on the BS Swim Officials Association, visit their website at