What is included in my fees?
Your Club Fees pay for your swimmer's participation in practices, and supplement the cost of other related activities and functions that are part of being in swim club. Some of these additional activities include:

  • Welcome BBQ/Awards BBQ (or end of season party for MiniSquad Swimmers)
  • Special Events -- for example: bowling night, movie night, tubing at Apex, Loco Landing Year End party . . .
  • Swim Meets -- Our club-hosted Invitational meets and Jamborees each season are offered to our swimmers for a minimal fee.  
    Our MiniSquad swimmers are introduced to swim meets by way of our Mini Meets, which are also offered for only a nominal fee.  

Isn't it a monthly fee?
No. It is a season fee that you may choose to pay in one installment at the beginning of the season, two installments, or in 8/10 monthly installments (depending on the program).  For those who choose to pay in monthly installments, the first and last installment are due at registration, and the remaining installments will be billed on the first of each month.  The schedule for 8 installments will be billed October thru March.  The schedule for 10 installments will be billed October thru May.

What is the Swim BC fee?
The Swim BC fee covers your swimmer's membership with our Provincial and National swimming association. This also insures you swimmer while at any swim club function.  In addition, this fee supports the structure by which Canada can produce internationally competitive athletes.

If I withdraw my child, will I get my money back?
Yes.  You pay for the first and last installments when you join.  We require One Full Calendar Month's written notice before withdrawing, and we will return your remaining installment payments. The "last installment" payment that you made at registration will be considered your payment for the notice period.  If you choose not to provide the written notice, you forfeit the "last installment" that you paid at registration. For example, One Full Calendar Month's written notice means that we must receive your notice by January 1st if you intend to withdraw on February 1st.  There are no pro-rated fees.  If you notify us on January 15th of your intent to withdraw on February 15th, you will be considered to be withdrawing on February 28th.

What equipment will my child need?
The basics for practices are a suit , cap and goggles. All swimmers will purchase a club t-shirt, suit and cap at registration, which will serve as their "uniform" at all club activities. 

KISU has equipment managers who can sell you almost everything you would need. For a detailed list of equipment please contact Simone at  [email protected] for more information.

When will my child move up to the next group?
Unlike swimming lessons, swimmers generally stay with their group for the entire season. The whole group progresses together. There are many advantages to this, including the coach and swimmer getting to know each other better as well as the swimmer bonding with the other swimmers in the group. There are always exceptions to this. In the first two weeks there may be some movement as we find the best group for each swimmer. As well, we may do an adjustment in December and/or in the spring for the swimmers who have accelerated through their group.

How do I sign up my child for a swim meet?
You will receive electronic notices from the swim club to advise you of upcoming swim meets.  Our club hosts two meets per season, and parent help is always required in order to host a meet.  You will also receive electronic notices regarding volunteering for our home meets.

Are parents allowed on deck during practice?
No. We have a "no parents on deck" policy, which we believe is the best situation for both the child and the coach.  If your child is particularly anxious, we ask that you keep a comfortable distance away.  Parents who want to watch practices are encouraged to do so from the lobby or upstairs windows.   If you need to speak with the coach, please arrange to see them before or after practice.

Where can I find more information?
Any information you need will likely be found within this website! If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, do not hesitate to email or call any of the Executive, or talk to any of the coaches.

How can I get more involved? 
We welcome all parents to become involved with the KISU team.  Many volunteers are needed throughout the season, especially when we host swim meets (usually in the months of October and March).  Swim Meets are a major source of income for the club and there are many jobs to fill - from those requiring no experience at all, to those requiring special training.  There is something for everyone, so we will be calling on you!

Other ways to get involved include acting as a chaperone for Team Travel meets (a criminal record check will be required), and serving on the Board of Directors or other Committees.  Ask your coach, or any member of the Executive for more information.