Age Group

The Age Group training group focuses on fine-tuning the four competitive strokes and the introduction of training principles. Swimmers will learn more demanding stroke drills and more complex pace clock work. They will see progress both in their swimming skills and their fitness level. These athletes will also be introduced to dry-land warm up.

Age Group swimmers have 6 practices per week; four 2-hour practices (which incorporate dry-land training) and two 1.5 hour practices.  Week day practices are after school so high school aged swimmers who are not interested in the Swim Academy program may choose to swim the Age Group program. Swimmers will be competing at our invitational and regional meets, and will be encouraged to attend our travel and qualifying meets.

Parents of Age Group swimmers will be Level 2 and Level 3 officials who will be a part of KISU’s core group of swim officials who volunteer their time to organize and host our home swim meets.